How Much Cash Can You Bring On a Plane ? 2024

A major factor when flying with cash is to ensure the compliance with your destination country currency reporting requirements.

If you are traveling within the US there is nothing to worry about how much cash you wanted to fly with.

But you can’t just grab your suitcase full of money and head to the airport. because money can put you in some unwanted inconvenience and you may some attention.

In general most of the countries like the US, Canada, Australia, UK and the EU countries do not have any limits to the amount of cash you can take to or from their territories but you will need to declare the amount if it is above a certain amount. 

For instance the US Custom and Border Protection claims that there are no limits to the amount you can bring to or from the US but any amount of cash that exceeds $100k (10,000 USD) must be declared, even when traveling in a group or with family members.

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This is an in depth and complete guide on flying with cash in both domestic and international flights.

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Take Cash Through The Security Checkpoint

If you just bring some cash inside your pocket you are totally fine.

But even though you can take any amount of money when traveling on a domestic flight within the US.

However, if you carry a suitcase full of cash the TSA ( The Transportation Security Administration) “the guys that check people’s items at the security checkpoint in the US airports ” will ask you the reason for taking this large sum of money.

If they suspect that the money is used or will be used for some illegal activities, then they may send you to the law enforcement of the airport to investigate and clarify more about the matter. 

The TSA regulates what you can and cannot bring through the security checkpoint, but they will not empower the law enforcement.

So it is better to not travel with large amounts of cash, that may cause you some inconvenience, I would recommend having a debit or credit card instead.

Here is an answer from the TSA to Rakesh who asks about the limits of taking cash when traveling domestically.

They replied that they don’t limit or regulate the amount of cash he can bring through security checkpoints at U.S. airports.

But in order to protect his money, he can ask for a private screening.

passenger asked the TSA what is the cash limit on domestic flights

On the other hand if you want to bring some type of other cash items like a cash gun it will not be allowed in carry on baggage, because the TSA don to allow any type of weapon replicates.

passengers asked the STA if a cash gun is allowed in carry on

Take Cash In Checked Luggage

Just like carry-on luggage you can take any amount of cash inside your checked baggage on domestic flights without any restrictions.

But one thing to remember, it is risky to place any type of cash or valuable items in a checked bag.

You should also be aware of any precious monetary items like gold, silver, jewelry and stones, even though they are not cash but they still can be vanished or mishandled. 

Most airlines will not compensate you if it happens that your money is missing or your bag gets lost.

But an empty cash register is totally fine to be carried in checked luggage.

Passenger  asked about taking cash register in checked baggage

How Much Cash Can You Fly With On International Flights?

United StatesThe US Customer and Border Protections regulate stated that there are no limits to the sum of money you can brung to or from the US, but you will need to declare any amount that is more than $100k ($10,000).
There are no limits to the amount of money you can take to or from Canada but you will need to declare any amount of money above Can $10,000.
And whether it is a foreign currency, checked, stocks, bank drafts, or bonds.
UK Almost the same regulations are applied by the UK government, You need to declare any money of £10,000 or more to UK customs when traveling between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and any country outside the UK.
EU countriesWhen traveling to or from any EU country taking more than €10 000, you will have to declare it.
It is not only the cash that needs to be declared but anything like banknotes and/or coins.
AustraliaThe Australian government did not list the amount of money you can take to or from the country, but you will need to declare any type of cash or non-cash form if the combined value is more than . There are no restrictions on the amount of money you can bring into or take out of Canada, nor is it illegal to do so.

The value of money is important when you are flying on an international flight.

If you are traveling from the US heading to another country there are no limits to the amount of money you can bring, however you will need to know the regulations of your destination country.

flying with $100k cash is the same as flying with $11k, Usually they will ask you about the purpose of the money, and if you are doing some type of business it makes sense, on the other hand if you are a tourist you should take a reasonable amount of cash that you will need during your trip.

No matter what amount of cash you take, be transparent about it and you won’t face any issues. If you are traveling with some large amount of money and you don’t report it, it may be confiscated and it could be counted as breaking the law.


Another thing to remember is when traveling on connecting flights, you will need to abide by the rules of your transit country if you have to cross the customs, even if it is not your destination country.

Some countries even require all passengers to clear the customs even for a short transit.

When traveling internationally it is not just about cash that is considered money, you will need to consider and declare the following.

  • Notes and coins
  • Bearer bonds
  • cheques
  • Money orders that are ready to be cashed
  • Gold coins
  • Prepaid cards

Tips To Protect Your Cash When Traveling

Traveling with cash comes with serious flaws, but with some proper preparation and basic knowledge you won’t become a target of bad guys or people that want to take advantage of your cash.

Here are some tips to consider when traveling with cash.

  • When traveling with a small amount, you can use a crossbody bag, a fanny pack or a money belt. These items will keep your money always near your body and you won’t lose track of it, you find plenty of similar products that will help you carry the money safely.
  • A significant amount of money that you can’t place it in a fanny pack, place it inside your personal item, or carry on bag, don’t send it in checked luggage.
  • Bring the necessary documents you need also in your carry on bag.
  • Always keep your bag with you at the airport or wherever you go, even at the security checkpoint.
  • Ask for a private screening, so you don’t expose your cash to the world.
  • If you suspect that somebody is watching you or want to take your money you can contact the airport police department and they will assist you.
  • Transfer that money to your destination before your travel.
  • Avoid traveling with large amounts of money, if it is possible.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, you can bring any amount of cash on domestic flights.

Internationally if you want to bring more than $10k to the US you will have to declare it at the customs even when traveling in a group or with family members.

It is better to take a large amount of money if it is necessary only, you can transfer your money instead or put it on your credit or debit card.

If you do not have any choice and ready to go, just ensure that you do some basic preparations, like protecting yourself from unwanted attention, take the documents you need and respect the limits of your destination country. 

We hope this helps

Happy travels

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