Can you bring a turtle on a plane? 2024

So can you bring a turtle on a plane?

Turtles are little cute creatures.

If you’re going travel and you want to bring your turtle , or just brought your new friend to its new home but you’re not quite sure if you can bring a turtle on a plane , in this post we are going to answer all your questions about traveling with turtles, the TSA rules and what are the airlines regulations.

Sometimes sending your turtle with a shipping service is really a better idea as it will reduce the amount of stress on your flight and avoid airlines complicated rules , but sometimes you may not have any options and may have to take your turtles with you.

But here’s a short answer on what are the rules about traveling with turtles before we dive in more.

According to the TSA live turtles are allowed through security checkpoint. and the turtle must be swimming in water that’s in a clear, spill-proof glass or plastic container.though most airlines do not mention turtles in their pets policy, so it is better to contact your airline before heading to the airport as many airline do not allow turtles on board.

We checked twitter to see what airlines’ responses were about traveling with turtles.

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Take turtles through the TSA checkpoint

The TSA didn’t mention turtles on its website. However, if they found this passenger on twitter asked them if turtles are allowed to bring through the security checkpoint and the TSA answered ” turtles are good to go through the security checkpoint, however they must be transported in a clear and clean container with water”.

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Is Turtle allowed in flight?

Most airlines do not mention turtles on their websites however most airlines do allow them, if they are transported in a clear and well protected carrier.

please make sure to contact your airline first as many airlines do not mention turtles in their websites.

This passenger asked United airlines on twitter about taking a small turtle on their planes and here is what they answered.

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I checked United’s website to see if they specify something about small turtles but they don’t mention turtles.

Alice wanted to bring her baby turtle but Jetblue replied that they only permit cats and dogs.

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King asked Delta if she could buy 2 baby turtles from California and take them on the plane to Utah, but Delta also answered that The turtles would have to be shipped with Delta Cargo. Only dogs, cats and household birds can travel with you in the cabin.

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How to safely fly with your Turtle ?

When traveling with your turtle, you want it to feel comfortable and safe.

The best way to transport your turtle is in a breathable plastic bin, you can choose like this plastic container . It is easy to carry with a door and small hole design for easy feeding and anti-escape..

The turtle girl recommends not transporting your turtle in a card box, because of the miss your small one will like, in addition the turtle may not feel comfortable inside the box.

So can you ship your turtle?

Yes, you can ship your turtles and it is the best solution when you want to transport larger and larger tortoises.

There are plenty of shipping companies that provide the service like shipyourreptiles.

You can use a little large plastic container with holes for breathing. make sure also that your container is high so there is more space for the turtle to move and make herself stand again if the box is not in the right position.

If you want to ship many small creatures you can use small containers with holes, and secure them outside to stop them from moving around.

Summary: can you bring a turtle on a plane?

Most airlines do not specify turtles in their websites, however they only mention small pets which are allowed with certain conditions.

Please make sure to reach out to the airlines and ensure that they allow turtles that way you will not be surprised at the airport.

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