Can You Take Flowers On a Plane? 2024

Flowers are associated with beauty, youth and happiness, and they bring a sense of joy and cheerfulness to our lives, we all adore them.

But can you pack flowers in your carry-on baggage or does it need to be packed in checked luggage?

In this post I will cover the rules for taking flowers also known as bloom or blossom on planes carry-on and checked luggage.

Let’s dive right in.

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Light Pink Roses and White Oriental Lilies,/ Courtesy of Amazon

Can You Bring Flowers Through Airport Security?

According to the TSA flowers are good to go through security checkpoint without any restrictions.

You can take flowers on planes in all US domestic flights without any problem. International flights may have different rules so it is better to check the regulations of your destination country and make sure they allow flowers to enter their territory.

But if you want to take fresh flowers you will need to remember to remove them from water, because water must be compliant with the TSA liquids rule.

The simple solution is to pack your flowers wisely or take them in your lap.

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Take Flowers In Carry-on Baggage

You are allowed to take flowers in either carry on or checked baggage without any problem, However flowers should not be in water because the maximum allowed liquids is 3.4 oz bottles in your carry-on.

You are allowed to travel with your bouquet flower in your hands on most airlines if they allow an additional item above the permitted carry on baggage.

If you want to travel with a bouquet of flowers inside your carry on bag place them in a plastic tub, and separate them from your clothes. 

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TSA also Flower pots on airplanes. Hannah asked the TSA about her beautiful pot and the answer is that pots are allowed without any restrictions, but make sure to review your airline carry on size and weight first.

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Take Flowers In Checked Baggage

Flowers are fragile, and can easily bruised, broken or can be damaged during transportation, that’s why i don’t recommend transporting your flower in checked baggage. It is always preferable to take your valuable and fragile items inside carry on baggage, because you can always keep your carry on infront of your sight,checked luggage are more prone to mishandling and get damaged during he handling process.

How to pack flowers in your suitcase? if you decide to take your flowers in checked baggage it will be more efficient if you pack you flower inside a small hard container like cardboard, plastic, or a wooden box, that will cover them and protect them for being spoiled,

Also your suitcase should be full enough that nothing moves when your bag is tossed around by the luggage handlers.

Can You Take Dried Flowers On a Plane?

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Dried Flowers can be carried in both carry-on or checked baggage on almost all airlines, However as stated above Flowers are better to be transported in your carry-on baggage.

Can I Take Flowers On An International Flight?

Each country have different rules about traveling with flowers, for Example if you are traveling to UK Here is what the UK gov displays on its website.

Other countries may require certificates for certain kinds of flowers, and they may apply other restrictions. it is preferable to visit the country website before heading to the airport, that will help you save more time and the hassle at he airport security.

Taking flowers on a plane Europe also will require you to present a phytosanitary (plant health) certificate is required attesting that the product is free from certain specific pests.

Keep Flowers Fresh When flying

To keep your Flowers fresh while you are on your flight, just wrap them in a wet towel or piece of clothes, as long as the cloth is wet your flower will keep the freshness, However for long flight the towel might dry and you will need to keep wet the wrapped towel any time it gets dried.

Most delivery companies use refrigerated vehicles to keep flowers crisp and fresh,

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Flowers People Travel With?

If you are a flower admirers or you want to give flowers as a gift, Roses are the most popular flowers that people buy and travel with, and there is no doubt that so many people are offering them as gifts, as they are a symbol for romance, friendship and joy.

Also Anemone is popular with its bright white cut flowers with dark centers that can last so long.

There are so many other types of flowers that are popular, gorgeous, expensive and limited.

Juliet Rose : Considered one of the most expensive ROSE ever developed, it took rose breeder David Austin 15 years and $4.3 million (£3 million) to create this beautiful flower. It debuted in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.


Final Thoughts: Can You Take Flowers On a Plane?

There are no restrictions preventing you from bringing flowers on domestic flights. Some flowers may cause some inconvenience for your fellow travelers (especially if they have allergies ), if you face that situation you can ask the flight attendant politely to store them somewhere until you get to your destination.

One other thing you need to consider is international flights. Some countries have special restrictions on taking flowers on their lands, so check the country’s official website before you start packing your flowers.

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