Can I Buy Extra Baggage On Qatar Airways?

Can you buy extra baggage on Qatar Airways? And what are Qatar airways baggage fees?

Ready to fly with more luggage with Qatar Airways, but not sure How much is baggage fees on Qatar or if you can buy extra baggage on Qatar.

You can buy additional baggage allowance through Qatar Airways website, Qatar Airways ticketing offices and Customer Contact Centers.

Charges that are applied on Additional baggage differ from your itinerary, if you are flying with another Airline as a connected flight, luggage rules and fees will be different.

Excess baggage charges per kilogram, per piece or special item and are generally applied when accepting baggage to be checked in.

If you already booked your flight, and want to add more bags you can buy additional baggage through Manage my booking on Qatar Airways website.

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How To Add Extra Luggage On Qatar Airways

You can add additional baggage on Qatar Airways website,Qatar Airways ticketing offices and Customer Contact Centers.

If you have already booked a flight with Qatar Airways, you can purchase additional baggage through Manage Booking.

Qatar airways baggage fees may vary according to route and cabin class. Here is how to add additional baggage on the qatar website.

1.Baggage Allowance

qatar airways baggage fees-01

2.View rates

qatar airways baggage fees-02

3.Purchase additional baggage

qatar airways baggage fees-03

4.Enter your booking Reference or E Ticket number & Last name

qatar airways baggage fees-04

How Much Does Extra Baggage Cost On Qatar Airways Online ?

Pre-purchase additional baggage online

You can save a significant amount of $ when you purchase additional baggage allowance up to 3 hrs before departure directly through qatarairways. website, Qatar Airways city/airport offices, and contact centers. All additional baggage preferred rates are per additional kg (2.2lb).

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Traveling from

From/ToEurope, ISCSouth/East AsiaCentral AsiaJapan,
Europe,ISCUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 50USD 20USD 25USD 25USD 25
South/East AsiaUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 45USD 50USD 25USD 25USD 25USD 25
Central AsiaUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 50USD 50USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30
Japan,KoreaUSD 40USD 45USD 50USD 50USD 70USD 30USD 35USD 35USD 30
AustralasiaUSD 50USD 50USD 50USD 70USD 70USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40
LevantUSD 25USD 25USD 30USD 35USD 40USD 15USD 15USD 15USD 20
IranUSD 25USD 25USD 30USD 35USD 40USD 15USD 15USD 15USD 15
QatarQAR 60QAR 70QAR 80QAR 90QAR 110QAR 30QAR 40QAR 50

How Much Does Extra Baggage Cost On Qatar Airways At The Airport?

Purchase additional baggage during airport check-in

You will pay the normal qatar airways fees when you buy baggage 3 hrs prior to your flight departure at the Qatar Airways airport offices and check-in counters only.

All additional baggage standard rates are per additional kg (2.2lb).

Traveling from

From/ToEurope, ISCSouth/East AsiaCentral AsiaJapan,
Europe,ISCUSD 40USD 40USD 40USD 50USD 60USD 25USD 30USD 30USD 30
South/East AsiaUSD 40USD 40USD 40USD 55USD 60USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30
Central AsiaUSD 40USD 40USD 40USD 60USD 60USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40
Japan,KoreaUSD 50USD 55USD 60USD 60USD 85USD 40USD 45USD 45USD 40
AustralasiaUSD 60USD 60USD 60USD 85USD 85USD 50USD 50USD 50USD 50
LevantUSD 30USD 30USD 40USD 45USD 50USD 20USD 20USD 20USD 25
IranUSD 30USD 30USD 40USD 45USD 50USD 20USD 20USD 20USD 20
QatarQAR 80QAR 90QAR 100QAR 110QAR 140QAR 40QAR 50QAR 60 –

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What If My Baggage Is Too Heavy And More Than 32Kg?

According to Qatar Airways

A single piece of checked-in baggage should weigh no more than 32kg (70lb).

Qatar Airways will not accept any baggage more than 32kg They will be transported as air freight. Please note that the maximum permitted weight per item of baggage can vary on flights with other airlines. Information about this can be obtained from the airline in question.

Sports Baggage Charges

Qatar Airways accepts any sporting equipment as checked baggage as part of the passenger’s free checked baggage allowance mentioned on the ticket.

Any sporting equipment which exceeds the free allowance will be subject to additional baggage rates.

Please refer to the tables below to find the additional baggage rates that apply to sporting equipment when purchased offline, prior to departure.

Small Pieces Weighing Up To 15 Kg And 175Cm (L+W+H)

From (Vertical)/
To (Horizontal)
AfricaEuropeFar EastAustralia, New Zealand, Japan and KoreaThe Middle East and PakistanIndian Sub-continentQatarThe Americas
AfricaUSD 400USD 400USD 400USD 560USD 240USD 240USD 200USD 250
EuropeUSD 400USD 400USD 400USD 560USD 240USD 240USD 200USD 250
Far EastUSD 400USD 400USD 400USD 560USD 240USD 240USD 200USD 250
Australia, New Zealand, Japan and KoreaUSD 560USD 560USD 560USD 560USD 400USD 400USD 350USD 250
The Middle East and PakistanUSD 240USD 240USD 240USD 400USD 120USD 120USD 100USD 250
Indian Sub-continentUSD 240USD 240USD 240USD 400USD 120USD 120USD 100USD 250
QatarQAR 800QAR 800QAR 800QAR 1440QAR 400QAR 400 –QAR 920
The AmericasUSD 250USD 250USD 250USD 250USD 250USD 250USD 250

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