Does Qatar Airways have TV in its inflight entertainment?

So does Qatar Airways Have TV on its inflight Entertainment?

When you travel with qatar airways, prepare yourself for an amazing experience, qatar airways Oryx One inflight entertainment system, it is and awarded and ranked with the best airways inflight entertainment in the world.

 the Qatar legendary hospitality and world-class services have been exclusively tailored to meet your onboard needs.

Qatar airways offers a wide range of staggering activities on board, pick from up to 4,000 entertainment options, movies, tv shows, games and more.

Just sit back and enjoy your spacious sanctuary in the sky. and if you are travelling in a long haul flight take a look at this

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does qatar airways have tv (image courtesy Qatar Airways)

does qatar airways have wifi on board?

yes, you can Enjoy complimentary unlimited Super Wifi on board Qatar airways:

  • the Wi-Fi – Internet OnAir is the free and the standar Wi-Fi Internet service available on all A380, A350, B787 and select A320 fleet.
  • Super Wi-Fi is the latest offering that provides high-speed broadband onboard Internet connectivity using GX satellite on your personal electronic device.
  • Super Wi-Fi is up to 10 times faster than standard Wi-Fi and is currently available on select B777 aircraft and will soon be progressively introduced on all B777 and A350 fleet.
  • Use your Super Wi-Fi access code to enjoy unlimited connectivity with friends, family, and colleagues on your smartphone, tablet or laptop throughout your journey. 

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Does qatar airways have TV?

most Short haul flights on qatar Airways do not have seat back screens, however long flight for international routes on A330s and boeing 777 they already have a seat back screens which you can stream your favourite movies and shows.

The airline als has offered in its Business and Economy the option to pair the personal Bluetooth headphones with the on-board seatback IFE system in all cabins on the Boeing 787-9 fleet.

(This service is accessible now on Europe and the Middle East and North Africa)

Qatar Airways offers a wide and plethora of exciting entertainment options, from newly released films to classic sitcoms, interactive games, TV and much more, on your private seatback screen.

You can see what is available in your upcoming flight here.

You will get also complimentary amenity kit in Economy Class, filled with high quality, branded products such as an Institut Karite Paris lip balm, socks, eye mask and more.

What’s New on Oryx One inflight entertainment?

Qatar Airways will become the first airline to offer guests touchless technology for its Oryx One inflight entertainment system (IFE) across its A350 fleet.

The touchless technology, introduced in partnership with the Thales AVANT IFE system, will enable guests to pair their personal electronic devices (PEDs) with their seat-back IFE screen by connecting to ‘Oryxcomms’ Wi-Fi and simply scanning a QR code displayed on the screen.

They can then use their PEDs to navigate and enjoy more than 4,000 options on offer through the airline’s Oryx One IFE system.

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