Does emirates have inflight entertainment?

So does emirates have inflight entertainment?

I love exploring Emirates cabins in 3D before booking my flight.

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you can explore easily which seat you can pick, Explore seatback screen and have a look at the classes.

Emirates have the best inflight entertainment in the world, it has classified as the top airlines that offers the best inflight entertainment.

its systems is designed literally to dominate inflight entertainment experience, with a massive library of TV shows and movies, as well as live TV and news.

Does emirates have inflight entertainment
Emirates inflight entertainment ICE (image courtesy Emirates)

What is the inflight entertainment on Emirates?

Emirates Inflight entertainments includes a large plethora and entertaining feature and options to enjoy, especially for a long haul flights.

Not only you can Listen to music, watch movies or live shows, you can also connect with your loved ones in the ground, track your flight and send emails.

Does emirates have wifi?

If you wonder if there wifi on emirates planes, You can stay connected while you are on air with emirates, with its great Wifi Plans, if you are an Emirates Skywards Member you enjoy free wifi the whole of your flight.

Unlimited chat. Connect to all your favourite text apps for the whole flight.USD 2.99 – USD 5.99 depending on the length of the flight.
.Chat using WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line or Viber with Emirates text-only service.
Wi-Fi internet for the whole flightUSD 9.99- USD 19.99 depending on the length of the flight. 
50MB – available in selected regionsUSD 9.99 for up to 50MB for light internet use.
Emirates Skywards members can take advantage of Emirates free Wi-Fi services. Free Wi-Fi internet for the whole flight

Buy and Connect to wifi

  1. Connect to the OnAir Wi-Fi network after take-off
  2. Log in if you’re an Emirates Skywards member
  3. Choose a Wi-Fi plan
  4. Pay online

Do Emirates planes have TVs?

Yes, and the airline has a range of Movies tv shows and live tv accessible to you to watch.

If you are a movie lover emirate has a variety of movies to watch:

  • Action / Thrillers
  • African Movies
  • Arabic Movies
  • Asian Classic
  • Asian Movies
  • Audio Descriptive Movies (AD)
  • Bollywood Arabia
  • Disney Classics
  • Disney nature
  • and more

For TV shows:

  • Arabic Kids
  • Arabic TV
  • BBC Planet
  • Series Classical
  • Arabic TV
  • Comedy TV
  • Demand Africa

And if you want to learn:

  • LinkedIn Learning
  • MasterClass
  • Mindvalley
  • Pakistani TV
  • Preschool Kids
  • Sport T-Series
  • Music Videos
  • Top Gear Archive
  • uTalk Language Learning
  • And more

Emirates Food Channel:

Emirates will shows you how they prepare their meals and delicious recipes You can even try their recipes out yourself with video tutorials. Find emirates Food Channel under the Emirates & Dubai section, only on ice inflight entertainment.

In the sky

Follow your flight’s progress on Emirates moving map, and see the world from 40,000ft with Emirates external cameras.

Get weather, news and sport reports and information about your flight to your screen. You can listen to your music, radio or podcasts uninterrupted while you explore.