What Is Myanmar Airline Baggage Allowance?

 Myanmar Airlines is a state-owned airline and the flag carrier of Myanmar.

And if you are planning to book your flight with them it is important to have an idea about their luggage policies and rules before heading to the airport.

You will need what is included with Myanmar airline baggage allowance? or how strict is Myanmar airline with carry on?

The following guide will provide all that you need to know about the National Airlines of Myanmar baggage regulations.

Let’s dive right in.

Myanmar airline baggage
Myanmar airline baggage (image)

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Carry on Luggage

All Myanmar airline guests are allowed to take on board one piece of hand baggage free of charge in any MAI flights, for example a small traveling bag, a portable computer or a briefcase.

Hand baggage must not exceed the dimensions 58 x 34 x 23 cm.

Please note that The maximum permitted weight of hand baggage is 7kg. You can also bring the following on board the aircraft:

  • a coat
  • an umbrella
  • a walking stick/crutches
  • a camera
  • binoculars
  • a reasonable quantity of books and magazines
  • a baby basket or folding pushchair and a suitable quantity of baby food.

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All passengers have a baggage allowance stated on the confirmation note. There are two types of baggage allowance:

  • Piece concept
  • Weight concept
Travel ClassPieceWeight (Per Piece)Size
Business Class17 KgsL58cm x W34cm x H23cm (115cm)
Economy Class17 KgsL58cm x W34cm x H23cm (115cm)

How strict is Myanmar airline with carry on?

Carry on baggage that is not within the airline baggage size and weight and that fails to meet the above regulations shall be transported as checked baggage.

Please make sure that you read carefully the above carry-on luggage allowance, so you won’t face any inconvenience in the airport.

Checked Baggage

  • Guests flying in Economy Class are allowed to have a free allowance of 2 pieces of baggage with a maximum dimension not exceeding 158cm (L x W x H) and not exceeding the weight of 30kg.
  • Each infant is entitled to 2 pieces being a baby buggy/stroller/pushchair and a bag. The maximum dimension of the bag may not exceed 115cm (L x W x H) (45 inches) and not exceed the weight of 10kg.
  • Guests traveling with a wheelchair, crutches or any other orthopedic tools may carry this free of charge.

Pease note All baggage that exceeds the free allowance is considered excess baggage so excess baggage charges will be applied:

Excess baggage fee will be applied if:

  • Exceeding the free allowance of 2 pieces per person
  • Exceeding the maximum dimension restriction
  • Exceeding the maximum weight restriction
  • Carriage of live animals

The surcharge calculation:

  • MAI charges on ‘piece concept’ is charge on additional piece(s).

Maximum Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) of each guest is:

Business ClassEconomy Class
Ticketed/Maximum Free Allowance (kg)4030
Seoul Ticketed/Maximum Free Allowance (kg)23

Guests traveling with a wheelchair, crutches or any other orthopedic tools may carry this free of charge.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage will be charged when:

  • Baggage of Economy Class passengers exceeds the weight of 30kg.
  • Baggage of Business Class passengers exceeds the weight of 40kg.
  • Baggage of Seoul Economy Class passengers exceeds the weight of 23kg.
  • Excess baggage charge will be calculated per kilo.

On all MAI flights, the excess baggage charge per kilogram is 1.5% of the highest normal direct one way adult Y class fare.

Special Baggage

Diving Equipment

  1. The diving equipment shall be recognized as such (diving suit, vest, and goggles).
  2. One empty oxygen bottle is allowed.

Please note that the Dimension and weight are not applicable; since the diving equipment is considered a normal piece of baggage, above general conditions apply.

Above items will be accepted as a part of free baggage allowance.

In excess, normal excess baggage charge will be applied.

Golf Bag

A golf bag is considered to consist of one set of golf clubs (14 Nos.), a maximum of 12 golf balls and one pair of shoes.

MAI may establish a special excess baggage charge for golfing equipment which contains not more than 1 golf bag, which may also include one pair of golf shoes, 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls and tees. In excess, 50% of the normal excess baggage charges will be applied. This charge shall be available for the carriage of only 1 such golf bag per passenger. For any golf bag in excess thereof, the normal excess baggage charge will apply.

A golf bag is to be considered as part of the customer’s free baggage allowance. However, when there is excess baggage, special charges may be applied. For the first 15kgs, a charge of 6kgs is applied (see table below). This special charge is applicable to a golf set per customer only.

Weight of Golf set 1st 15kgsTo Charge 6kgs

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