How Strict Is Boliviana De Aviacion With Baggage?

So how strict is Boliviana De Aviation with its luggage allowance?

If you’re planning to travel with Boliviana De Aviation, it’s important to know their baggage allowance rules and policies to avoid any unexpected charges or inconvenience at the airport.

In this post we will provide all that you need about Boliviaba De Aviacion baggage allowance, including the weight and size restrictions for checked and cabin baggage.

Let’s dive right in.

Boliviana de Aviacion Baggage Allowance (image)

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Carry-on Baggage

How strict are boliviana de aviacion with hand luggage?

Boliviana Aviation allows its guests to have a maximum Carry on bag size of 55cm x 20cm x 35cm.

the wight and other the destinations is as follows:

You can check if the dimensions of your carry – on baggage are correct in the modules located at the airports (Bolivian Airports).

  • carry – on baggage must not exceed the 10kg for flights in 767 – 300 plains (Madrid to Miami).
  • carry – on baggage must not exceed the 7kg for flights in 737 – 300, 737 – 700 and 737 – 800 plains (National and international flights to Brazil, Argentina and Miami).
  • for flights in CRJ– 200 plains (National flights, Potosí, Oruro, Uyuni routes, and direct flights Sucre – Tarija, including routes with international connections) Boliviana allows as 5kg with a maximum dimensions of 20cm x 25cm x 30cm, .

As long as your hand luggage is within the above restrictions or is a little big just a couple of centimetres of the limits, you should be fine!

Checked Baggage

How strict is boliviana de aviacion with checked baggage?

To avoid any inconvenience Please make sure your baggage allowance is compliant with boliviana de aviacion checked baggage restrictions.

Respecting the restrictions of each route, since presenting a suitcase at an airport with a weight higher than the allowed on the route can cause delay in your registration on the flight.

Domestic Flights

Economy class

Passenger TypeNo. Pieces PermittedPermitted Weight(E/P)
Adult120 kg
Child120 kg
International Flights to/ from Miami

Economy Class

GuestsPiece PermittedPermitted weight
Baby123 kg/50 lbs + 1 baby stroller
International Flights to/ from Madrid

Business Class

GuestsPiece PermittedPermitted weight

Economy Class

GuestsPiece PermittedPermitted weight
Baby123 kg + 1 baby stroller
International Flights To / from to sao paulo, Buenos aires, salta

Economy class

GuestsPiece PermittedPermitted weight

Excess Baggage

If you want to travel with more, or your baggage exceeds boliviana de aviacion checked baggage allowance, a charge for this additional weight will basically depend on the route in which you make your trip.

Cost of OverweightExceptions
Economy classOne percent of the net fare, for each extra kilo on the route in which the passenger is traveling.From Cochabamba, La Paz and Santa Cruz to Cobija 16 Bs for each additional Kilo.

Origin /destination USA from Bolivia / Brazil / Argentina

That the sum of dimensions exceeds 158 centimeters (62 inches), but does not exceed 230 centimeters (90.5 inches)..USD 130 per piece.
That the weight exceeds 23 kilos (50 pounds), but does not exceed 32 kilos (70 pounds).USD 100 per piece.
Extra Piece
That the weight does not exceed 23 Kilos (50 pounds), and the total sum of dimensions does not exceed 158 centimeters (62 inches).
USD 150 per piece.

Extra Piece
That the weight exceeds 23 Kilos (50 pounds), but does not exceed 32 kilos (70 pounds) and the sum of dimensions does not exceed 158 centimeters (62 inches).
USD 150 per piece.

Origin/ Destination Bolivia From Brazil / Argentina

Cost of Overweight
Economy classOne percent of the net fare, for each extra kilo on the route in which passenger is travelling.

Origin / Destination Madrid from Bolivia / Brazil / Argentina

Extra Weight Baggage (Economy class)

more than 23 kg and less or equal to 32 kilos.35 USD per piece.

Extra Baggage (Economy class)

Third piece of 23 kg.100 USD.
fourth piece of 23 kg.150 USD

Excess baggage policy for flights from Madrid – Spain.

Extra Weight Baggage (Economy class)

More than 23 kg and less or equal to 32 kilos.35 € per piece.

Extra Baggage (Economy class)

Third piece of 23 kg.100 €.
fourth piece of 23 kg150 €

Special Baggage

If you want to transport your instruments, or other items they will have special treatment and different conditions for their handling and transfer.

Please note that the transportation of fragile objects is done under your full responsibility.

Passenger must sign a transportation disclaimer; the transfer is made under your full responsibility.

Sport Equipment

Fishing equipment – surfboard – Bicycles, ski, snow board, bow and arrow, roller skates and skateboards, golf bag, bowling.
All these implements will be included in your franchise. If there is an excess, the corresponding payment will be made.

please note that you must present your sports equipment in counters in its original packaging or properly packed, in this way you will avoid suffering damages.
You must sign a demarcation of responsibility for your transportation. The transfer is made under your full responsibility.

Musical Instruments

Wind instruments, percussion, strings and keyboard, voluminous.

Due to the fragility and value of these items, you will be allowed, if requested, the transportation of any of these instruments in the passenger cabin. If you enter the conditions of carry-on baggage will be carried without additional charge. Otherwise, It will be accommodated in a seat; for this you will have to pay a regular fee. The maximum weight for the instrument to be accepted is 75 Kilos.

Your instrument can also be transported in the cargo compartment of the aircraft under the conditions of franchise, excess baggage.

Baggage Tips

To have a smooth flight with boliviana de aviacion please make sure to adhere to the airline Baggage allowance and restrictions, meanwhile here some amazing tips to consider the following before your flight:

  • Mark and identify your carry on baggage and your checked baggage, with your ID and destination, there are many bags of the same size and color, so always verify that you have your name or the number of the baggage check that we provide you during check-in.
  • When transporting your personal items, important or valued documents and electronic devices for personal use, do not forget to include them in your carry-on baggage that way you insure that they travel with you in the same flight.
  • Always pay attention to all notices that Boliviana de Aviación has displayed in offices and airports indicating the items that you may or may not take in your hand baggage and checked baggage.
  • make sure you do not include any hazardous items within your carry on or checked baggage, like sharps, explosives, firearms, magnetic materials and liquids. 
  • animals are allowed to transport with Bolivia de aviacion but make sure to find out about the conditions in force for the route in which you need to travel.

Claims For Luggage

If at the time of receiving your checked baggage you identify any irregularity or you simply can not find it and your baggage is lost , remember to report it immediately to boliviana de aviacion staff. This procedure must be done before leaving the baggage reclaim area.

Take into account that due to the very nature of the baggage and its natural wear and tear, during handling and transportation this can suffer minor damages such as scrapes, dents, small cuts and stains among others. Therefore, as an airline, we are not responsible for the damage and loss of external items such as straps, pockets, handles, key rings, badges, padlocks or any other object attached to your checked baggage.

Valuable Items/ Damage Luggage

as described above, make sure you do not include your valuable items within your checked baggage, Boliviana de aviation will not accept claims for damage If it included:

  • Electronic items (cameras, cell phones, laptops, sound equipment and computer parts, among others).
  • Gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.
  • Diamonds, jewelry and gems.
  • Cash.
  • Handicrafts.
  • Fragile items.
  • Glass articles.
  • Items covered with glass or mirror.
  • Artworks.
  • Family Antiques.
  • Discs.
  • Natural leather products.
  • Perishable products.
  • Credit or debit cards.
  • Legal and / or negotiable documents.
  • Commercial samples.
  • Architectural plans.
  • Medicines.

Delayed Baggage

Sometimes your suitcase will have a delay with boliviana de aviacion or even other airline,the baggage agent will request information about the characteristics and content to perform the corresponding tracking.

If your luggage is declared lost, boliviana de aviacion will make the compensation for registered weight and not for content, unless you have previously made the declaration of value of the items you transport.

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