How Strict Is SCOOT With Carry On? 2024

You want to SCOOT toward your destination? but not sure what to carry with you or you have no idea if Scoot is strict with its baggage rules? 

It is essential to understand the SCOOT carry-on policies and rules to avoid any last minute surprises at the airport.

Knowing the rules and regulations regarding carry-on size, weight, and items allowed on board will help passengers have a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

In this article, we will walk you through how strict SCOOT is with carry-on baggage and provide useful tips to help you navigate the airline’s carry-on policy with any issues.

Let’s dive right in.


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How Strict Is Scoot With Carry On?

Regardless of your class or destination, cabin baggage must not exceed the dimensions of 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (total linear dimensions cannot exceed 115cm).

Please make sure your cabin baggage does not exceed Scoot carry on allowance, or you will need to check in your baggage at the airport and be subject to excess baggage fees.

ClassPiece allowanceWeight AllowanceSize Allowance
Economy2 pieces  including a laptop or handbag  a combined weight of 10 kg. -54 cm Length
-38 cm Height
-23 cm width
ScootPlus 2 pieces including a laptop or handbag  a combined weight of 15 kg. -54 cm Length
-38 cm Height
-23 cm width

Scoot Extra carry on bag

If you are traveling in scoot economy class and want to carry more, Scoot offers an extra cabin bag choice which allows you to purchase an extra carry on bag in addition to the free 10 kg.

You can Pre-purchase the Extra Cabin Bag when booking your flight online, and you’ll be ready to skip the waiting time at baggage claims and be the first ones out of the airport.

Infant baggage allowance

Infants don’t have any baggage allowance with scoot airlines, infants must be included in their parents or accompanied person baggage allowance

What Is Scoot Checked Baggage Strict?

Does scoot have free checked in luggage?

Only the following fares that includes the free checked luggage:

  • FlyBag and FlyBagEat fares include a complimentary baggage allowance of up to 15kg (33lbs)
  • ScootPlus fare includes a complimentary baggage allowance of up to 20kg (44.1lbs)

Fly fare or Fly-Promo fares do not have free checked baggage allowance, but you can purchase a minimum 15kg (33lbs) allowance and up to 40kg (88.2lbs) for extra charges.

Scoot Check-In Baggage Limit

Each piece of baggage must not weigh more than 32kg (70 lbs) or exceed total linear dimensions (add together the depth, width and length) of 158cm. 

How Strict Is Scoot Excess Baggage Allowance?

Scoot excess baggage charges

Scoot Excess baggage is charged at $20SGD for every 1kg (2.2lbs) (or part thereof) over your baggage allowance for flights less than 5 hours, $25SGD for every 1kg (2.2lbs) for flights over 5 hours.

Fees are payable in the local currency of your port of departure and are subject to daily exchange rates.

Scoot Excess baggage charges can be paid by credit card and cash.

Scoot Special Bagage & Restricted Baggage

Sports gear, infant equipment and musical instruments may be checked in as part of your checked baggage allowance, subject to size restrictions and space availability.

Special baggage such as checked baggage will be subject to space availability and size restrictions,such as Sports gear, infant equipment and musical instruments.

Prohibited items in Cabin or Checked Baggage

  • Explosives
  • Flammable Gases
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Flammable Solids; Substances liable to spontaneous combustion; Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
  • Oxidising Substances and Organic Peroxides
  • Toxic and Infectious Substances
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Corrosive Materials
  • Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles, including Environmentally Hazardous Substances

Find more about what item to not take in checked baggage in this post.


SCOOT has a strict carry-on policy that you need to adhere to. 

The airline is pretty clear about its rules regarding the size, weight, and items allowed on board. 

If you show up to the airport with a large suitcase you may end up paying for some luggage fees and cause your bag to be transferred in the hold.

So ensure that you take a fully compliant carry on bag that is within the airline size and weight limits.

Remember that most airlines enforce their luggage rules. to ensure the safety and comfort of all the passengers and the airplane.

Imagine if all the passersby take oversize and overweight bags.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels 

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