How Strict Is Etihad With Baggage Allowance? 2024

Etihad is a popular airline that operates flights all over the world, and their baggage policy can vary depending on factors such as class of travel and destination. 

But Is really Etihad strict with its baggage allowance? and Is Etihad strict with carry-on baggage size and weight?

In this blog post, we’ll look at just how strict Etihad is with their baggage allowance policy and provide tips to avoid any potential issues or baggage fees.

Without further ado let’s dive in.

Is etihad strict with baggage

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How Strict Is Etihad Airways Cabin Baggage Allowance?

Etihad Airways baggage allowance fees, weight and dimensions depend on your destination.

Meanwhile, cabin baggage restrictions differ greatly depending on your fare class. Read on for information on the number of bags you are allowed on an Etihad flight, and the maximum weight and dimensions for checked bags and hand luggage.

Etihad airlines allowed Economy Class guests One hand luggage bag per person with a maximum weight of 7 kg.

for First class and business class Guests they are allowed two pieces of hand luggage.

One bag for infants 5kg for infants .

In addition of your carry on bag you are allowed also to carry the following items and free of charge:

  • Handbag, pocket book or purse
  • them)
  • Briefcase or portable PC which is not being used as a container for transportation of articles, regarded as baggage
  • Mobile phone
  • A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight
  • Infant food for the journey
  • Overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • Umbrella or walking stick
  • Small camera and / or binoculars
  • Infant carry basket / carry cot
  • Braces or prosthetic devices (provided the guest is dependent on

Due to the space availability, Etihad is a bit strict about its carry-on baggage size and weight; therefore All carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. 

You must be able to lift your carry-on into the overhead storage without assistance, and if your carry-on luggage exceeds the given allowance above it may be subject for check in.

Please note that Assistive devices and outer garments do not count as personal items.

How Strict Is Etihad Airways Checked Baggage Allowance?

When it comes to checked baggage, maximum weight and dimensions that you can take on an Etihad flight depends on your route and destination. 

You can use the Etihad Airways calculator to know your checked baggage allowance. and Pack as much or as little as you need, or split your allowance over multiple items.

You can check in as many bags as you like as long the total weight is within your allowance

Diamond First Class Two pieces 110 lb/50 kg 17 in x 28 in x 35 in / 45 cm x 72 cm x 90 cm
Pearl Business Class Two pieces 88 lb/40 kg 17 in x 28 in x 35 in / 45 cm x 72 cm x 90 cm
Coral Economy Class Two pieces 66 lb/30 kg 17 in x 28 in x 35 in / 45 cm x 72 cm x 90 cm
Infants One piece 22 lb/10 kg 22 lb/10 kg
One extra handbag (weight must not exceed 5 kg)
One fully collapsible stroller/ carry-cot, as a carry-on item if cabin space is available or else as checked baggage in the hold
Is etihad strict with checked baggage
Image courtesy / Etihad Airways

How strict is Etihad airways Excess baggage allowance?

  • Weight : The applicable excess baggage, unless otherwise specified, is 1.5% of the highest normal direct adult one way IATA Coral Economy class fare per excess kilogram.
  • Piece: For flights to Canada, excess baggage to be charged for any addition pieces from allowance applicable to all classes at 500 AED 137 CAD per piece (up to 70 lb/ 32 kg); For flights to the USA, excess baggage charges apply in all classes for guests with more than two pieces of baggage at a charge of AED 500 per piece (up to 70 lb/ 32 kg).

Etihad Oversized Baggage?

How strict is Etihad Airways Oversized baggage?

If you want to carry items that exceed Etihad size baggage allowance you will need to carry them as your checked baggage and pay oversize baggage fees.

$40 each way for flights within the Middle East, between the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent and between Beijing and Nagoya. For all other flights you’ll pay US $60 each way.

Bikes, scuba diving equipment, skis, poles, ski boots, surfboards and golf bags are exempt from oversized baggage fees and can be included as part of your baggage allowance.

Please note that Etihad Airways will not accept Any items weighing more than 32kg or longer than 300 cm.


Etihad is quite strict with its baggage allowance rules and policies, especially when it comes to weight restrictions.

If your bag exceeds the weight limit, you may end up paying an excess baggage fee, which can be quite expensive.

So ensure that you stay within the airline size and weight limits, to avoid any last minute surprises at the airport.

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