How strict Is LOT Polish Airlines with baggage? 2024

Ready to kick off a beautiful flight, with Lot polish Airlines but not sure what to expect at the airport, and if they are strict about their luggage allowed.

Do not worry in this post we will cover everything you needed to know about Lot Polish Airlines luggage policies and if you can show up to the airport with a heavy bag or that exceed their allowed measurements.

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How strict is LOT polish Airlines with carry-on baggage?

Cabin baggage allowances on an Lot Polish Airlines flight will depend on your fare:

But here is what to expect.

Each passengers is permitted to have one carry on bag and one personal item free of charge.

Business class guests are allowed to have two carry on bags in addition of the personal item.

  • The maximum carry on bag size for economy class is : 51 linear meaning the 11in x 14in x26 in / 129 linear centimeters 28cm x 35cm x 66cm
  • The weight limit is 13 lb (6 kg) for economy class; 20 lb (9 kg) for business class passengers

In addition the carry on bags, you can also bring the following items and they don not count toward your carry on:

  • A small handbag
  • An umbrella
  • diaper bag
  • A small camera bag
  • Walking sticks or crutches
  • A coat or jacket

Lot polish airlines cabin baggage prohibited items

If you are traveling not just with Lot Polish Airlines it is important to know what items to take on carry on and what to leave at home, because that will save a lot of hassle and inconvenience at the airport

The following items are not permitted in LOT polish airlines hand baggage allowance ,you can only check them but they must be packed in appropriate way:

  • Camping stoves and fuel tanks containing flammable fuel can be transported, provided that the tank has been emptied and any necessary precautions have been taken to prevent accident.
  • Wheelchairs or other mobility-assistance equipment, powered by dry batteries, provided that the battery is disconnected, its terminals are insulated against short circuits, and the battery is securely installed in the chair. Note: Wheelchairs and other mobility-assistance equipment powered by gel batteries do not need to be disconnected from power, provided that their terminals are insulated to prevent short circuits.
  • Wheelchairs or other mobility-assistance equipment powered by standard acid-filled batteries.
  • Aerosols with no additional risk for sports or household use.

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Lot Polish Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance


for flights from / to the US and Canada, passengers traveling business and economy class are entitled to carry a total of 62 inches linear / 158 cm in baggage allowance, and a weight of 70 lbs/ 32 kg for business tickets and 50lb/ 23 kg for economy tickets.

On flights to and from the Middle east and Europe, both economy and business class passengers are entitled to take 62 inches linear / 158 cm linear and the weight of the checked baggage 66 lb/30 kg for business class; 44 lb/20 kg for economy class passengers.

Luggage Fees

Checked baggage charges will depend on your ticket and destination, it is better to contact the airline form ore info about checked baggage charges.

The same goes for excess baggage, contact Lot Polish Airlines to give the applied fees.

Lot polish Airlines checked baggage allowance prohibited items

Lot airlines cares about your security and the security of all the passengers; so carrying some items in the aircraft may cause some miss comfort to its travelers so it is advised to avoid carrying with you any of this items or any items contains some of these materials:

  • Explosives liquids and flammables
  • incendiary substances and devices,
  • Explosives and incendiary substances and devices capable of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft, including: ammunition, blasting caps, detonators and fuses, stores, fireworks and other pyrotechnics, smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges, dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives – mines, grenades and other explosive military.

Read more about what to take in checked baggage here

Lot Polish Airlines musical instruments

Musical instruments are considered as leisure equipment with LOT polish airlines baggage allowance

You can order online via My leisure equipment; however the service includes also golf equipment, ski equipment, scuba diving equipment, snowboard equipment and fishing equipment.

  • the maximum weight of Musical instruments [My leisure Equipment] must not exceed 45 kg; and if you have a heavy item it must be sent in a cargo; please contact Lot Cargo for more info.
  • please keep in mind that if you continue your journey with another carrier; you may need to get familiar with their baggage rules to avoid denial of your luggage.
  • carrying the type of this equipment depends on the space on the aircraft you are traveling in and the hold baggage can be limited and certain equipment can be refused


Whether you are traveling with Lot Polish Airlines, Aer Lingus or any other airline in the world it is better to respect their luggage policies.

You won’t face any issues if your carry on bag exceed the size with few inches, however packing a small carry on bag and traveling light is the right thing to do, rather than risking your bag to be subject for checked baggage, ad paying additional fees.

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