Can You Bring Applesauce On a Plane? (TSA Rules)

If you are a fan of applesauce, you might be wondering if you can bring it on a plane.

But what are the rules for traveling with homemade and applesauce pouches? Can you pack them in your carry-on or checked baggage?

In this post, I will answer all your questions about flying with your purée and what to expect before you get to the airport.

Let’s dive right in.


  • The TSA considered applesauce to be a liquid.
  • When packed in carry-on luggage applesauce pouches, apple juice and apple puree must not surpass containers of 3.4 oz / 100 ml and packed in your one quart-size bag
  • You can take any amount of applesauce in checked luggage without restriction
  • Food pouches for infants are allowed in carry-on bags and may exceed the 3.4 oz limit

The TSA Applesauce Pouches Rules

Is Applesauce considered a liquid?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) didn’t specifically refer to applesauce on their website.

But @LittleLynch23 already asked the question to the AskTSA team on X (formerly Twitter) “can you bring those applesauce pouches even if you are not traveling with kids”.

They replied:

“Applesauce must be in containers that are 3.4 oz or less. The containers must be placed in your quart-sized bag with other travel-sized liquids, gels and aerosols. Larger sizes and quantities must be packed in checked bags.”

@AskTsa on X

They also provided her with an explanation of the TSA liquid rule which you can find on YouTube here .

This simply means that both homemade and store bought applesauce pouches is considered a liquid and falls under the 3-1-1 liquids rule, which applies to any liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, and pastes.

The 3-1-1 liquids rule states that you can only bring small containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less in carry-on baggage.

All the liquids must fit in a single quart-sized clear plastic bag (which might not be convenient for applesauce and liquid food in general), you can only bring one quart sized bag.

Unless you are a TSA PreCheck member you have to take it out of your carry-on and place it in a separate bin for screening.

But wait! applesauce is also a popular snack for children and babies 👶.

Yes if you’re a parent or guardian flying with a baby or an infant, you can break the TSA liquids rule.

You can bring Gogo squeez in any amount, as long as it is for infant consumption. You don’t have to fit it in your quart-sized bag, but you do have to place it in a separate bin for additional screening.

The TSA explains what they mean by an infant as “a child who receives assistance in walking“. So, if your child is old enough to walk on their own, they will not qualify for the exemption. In that case, you will need to pack small applesauce pouches instead or pack larger pouches in checked baggage.


Can You Take Applesauce In Checked Luggage?

If you don’t want to bother yourself with the 3-1-1 liquids rule, or if you want to bring more applesauce pouches than you can fit in your carry-on, you can always pack them in your checked bag.

There are no restrictions on how much applesauce pouches you can bring in your checked bag, and you don’t have to declare it or take it out at the security screening.

Packing Applesauce in checked baggage

There are some things you need to consider when packing applesauce in your checked baggage.

Make sure that the pouches or the containers are well-sealed and wrapped in a plastic bag or a ziplock bag to prevent any leaks or spills. You don’t want your applesauce to ruin your clothes or other items in your suitcase.

Also you should pack your applesauce in a sturdy and padded part of your luggage, such as between layers of clothing or inside a shoe.

You don’t want your applesauce to get crushed or punctured by other items in your baggage.

Final Thoughts

Homemade applesauce is a great snack to bring on a plane, it is so yummy and filled with the healthy nutrients that fresh whole apples have.

You can bring applesauce on a plane in both your carry-on and checked bags. But in your carry-on, your applesauce should not surpass 3.4oz / 100ml for each container.

However; there are no restrictions if you bring it for your baby.

There are also no restrictions when traveling with frozen applesauce in both carry-on and checked baggage. Also, applesauce that is already part of a food can go on a plane. for example an applesauce cake is considered to be a solid food and permitted in hand luggage.

Hope this helps

Happy travels.