How To Check In For a United Airlines Flight? Step By Step

So how to check in for a United Airlines flight?

So you are ready to check in for your united flight, check in for your flight with united airlines is easy,

We will make the check in process simple and easy, so you can understand every aspect of the operation until you get your boarding pass.

Just to know, United airlines allows the check in for your flight 24 hours prior to your flight, so you can access it before the check-in deadline .

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Courtesy of United Airlines

How Early Can I Check-in United Airlines?

You can start check in before 24 hours of your scheduled flight departure and the check in process ends 30 minutes before departure.

According to United there may be some differences in timing for check-in, baggage check and boarding based on your departure airport and destination.

You can check these U.S. airports with a special minimum required times table.

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How to Check In On The United Airlines Website?

United Airlines offers various different ways to check in for your flight .

We will start with check in on the united website, when you first get to the check in page on united airlines Website you will have the options to check in with your confirmation or ticket number or MileagePlus number if you are a United frequent member.

MileagePlus number

After you enter your flight information you will be able to view your trip information, select or change your seats and get your boarding pass.

If you have a printer you can print your boarding pass at home, otherwise you can just download it and keep it in your phone.

How to Check-in On The United App?

you will be able to check in 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time using the United app.

Just open the application and enter your confirmation or ticket number and your last name.

You can then access trip information, reserve or change your seat, add extra bags and download your boarding pass.

Your boarding pass will appear in the app home page along with other details about the flight. Your boarding passes are also available under “My Trips” on the bottom navigation bar.

Check in at The Airport

If you want to check in at the airport you can either choose to check in personally with a united representative at the check in counter or you can check in using a self-service kiosk.

  • You can enter your confirmation number
  • Then you can choose to change your seat, add bags, or even change your flight.

Do You Need To Print Your Boarding Pass?

You don’t need to print your boarding pass for your united flight, you can easily download it on your phone and when you are at the airport you can display your boarding pass barcode on the screen of your device at the security checkpoint and when boarding your flight, and you’re on you are good to go.


You can check in for your United airlines flight online on United Airlines official website, using the United app or at the airport in either the self-service kiosk or at the check in counter.

Just enter your flight information and proceed to check in, change your seat and add your baggage.

You will not be able to check in until 24 hours before your flight departure time.

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