Does Hawaiian airlines have TVs in Its in flight Entertainment?

So does Hawaiian airlines have TVs? And what is included in Hawaiian Airlines inflight entertainment?

To stay connected during your flight, watch TV and chill is an essential.

And with the various types of inflight services available on Hawaiian Aircrafts , you will enjoy the variety of inflight entertainment options, however they are limited.

In this post will answer your question about Hawaiian airlines inflight entertainment and if “Does Hawaiian airlines have TVs”and Learn more about Hawaiian inflight entertainment, and what they offer on board, including Wi-Fi, entertainment and services in cabin, what’s available and how to watch.

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Does Hawaiian airlines have TVs / COURTESY OF HAWAIIAN AIRLINES

People also ask:

How do I access inflight entertainment on Hawaiian Airlines ?

On A321neo aircraft, all in-flight entertainment is streamed wirelessly to your personal mobile device. Just download our free app prior to your flight, connect to our onboard network, and choose from the movies and TV available.

Access inflight Entertainment on A321neo

If you are onboard an A321neo and seated in the main cabin or Extra Comfort, you’ll need:

  1. A mobile phone, tablet or a computer
  2. The free Hawaiian Airlines App. Download it now from iTunes or Google Play(bellow).

Note: if you are flying on First Class you will receive a personal entertainment tablets. you don’t no need to download the Hawaiian Airlines App.

Before your flight, download the free Hawaiian Airlines app.

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Does Hawaiian airlines have TVs – google play app


  1. Switch to airplane mode and connect to the Wifi network “HawaiianAirWifi.”
  2. Open Hawaiian Airlines app, select More, and then select In-Flight Entertainment.
  3. Start streaming and enjoy.

Does Hawaiian airlines have TVs?

Yes, A330 aircrafts have TVs and you can watch the latest movies, television shows, music videos and interactive games during your flight.

Hawaiian Airlines in-seat entertainment system offers:

  • Touchscreen user interface 
  • The ability to play, pause and select what you want, when you want
  • Hundreds of hours of movies, music, shows and games

If you are traveling to North America you can bring your own Travel Headphones to enjoy the in-seat entertainment system. Earbuds are also available for purchase on-board so you can keep them for use on future flights.

For International flights, guests will receive complimentary earbuds. 

Does Hawaiian Airbus A321 have TVs?

No, The new Hawaiian A321neo aircraft  do not have any TVs, but instead they will have streaming entertainment to your device.

According to onemileatatime

Personal televisions will add weight to the plane (which in turn increases fuel burn) and can malfunction, so nowadays many airlines are instead deciding on streaming inflight entertainment.

Does Hawaiian Airlines have WiFi ?

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Hawaiian airlines WiFi / Twitter

Hawaiian Airlines do not have WiFi on board its airplanes, However you can stream movies, and other entertainment via the mobile apps as shown above.

Wireless internet is not (yet) available on Hawaiian Airlines flights.

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