How Strict Is Frontier With Personal Item Size 2024?

If you are planning to fly with Frontier Airlines and you wanted to know how strict they are with their personal item size and weight.

Here is the short answer:

From our experience, Frontier is slightly strict with its personal item size. There’s a high possibility the airline will spot an overall check for your items size, to ensure the bag is compliant with their luggage size limits.

Keep reading to know more about Frontier airlines personal item size limits and what to expect if your personal go slightly oversized.

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How strict is frontier with personal item
How strict is frontier with personal item size / courtesy of Frontier

Frontier Personal Item Size

Frontier Airline personal item size need to stay within these dimensions:

8″ depth x 18″ width x 14″ Height with no weight limit

Extra Items

In addition to your one personal item you are also entitled to bring the following items on board the airplane fee free:

  • A coat
  • A diaper bag when traveling with an infant
  • canes and crutches ( Assistive devices in general )
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators, respiratory devices or any other assistive devices, and foot rugs for use during prayer

For more information about frontier additional items please browse this page on the airline website.

Why Are Frontier Airlines Strict With Their Personal Items?

Frontier airlines may impose a fee if your personal item exceeds their allowed size 8 x 18 x 14 inches.

In the real world, most Airlines will not suspect a personal item if it is not so big, or it fits easily in the baggage sizer.

But, if your personal item is so heavy or large and will not fit under the seat in front of you , Frontier staff will be more likely to be strict with your personal item at the gate.

In the other hand if you get to the gate with a carry-on bag that exceeds the allowable sizes you will have to pay additional fees and your bag will be gate checked.

Frontier Airlines are strict with their item dimensions, because that is their business model, and they make money out of these extra details.

For instance if they let all the passengers take oversized bags as personal items, none of the passengers will open their pockets to pay for a carry on.

I think you got the idea.

How Strict Is Frontier With Personal Item Size?

There’s a good chance that you will be asked to place the item in the baggage sizer to ensure it has the appropriate dimensions.

If the personal item is larger than the mentioned dimensions it will be counted as a carry-on bag and any carry-on bag that will be placed in the overhead compartment will be subject to a fixed fee.

What If My Frontier Personal Item is Little Larger What Should I Do?

You can take risk with an oversized bag if it is few inches big or you are not sure if it will fit under the seat, and if the airline measure your personal item on the sizer device, you are fine.

You can squeeze your bag to fit the sizer if it is a soft sided bag or a duffle bag.

How To Take More In Your Personal Item?

There are so many tricks and tips to get the most out of your personal item and your free baggage allowance and take all what you need on board the airplane.

However; these tricks may not provide an in-depth way to make the most of your personal item.

But the better advice is to take only your essentials and what you need,and put your other item in your check bag.

This will give you more room to pack essentials for your trip.

What Is The Best Personal Item For Frontier?

Amazon has a large line of personal items that fit Frontier personal item size (8 x 18 x 14 inches) , from foldable duffle bags that will be placed perfectly under the seat . To small backpacks that can be placed smoothly also under thes seat.

If you are looking for ladies bags take a look at this amazing and stylish BAOSHA HB-28 Ladies Women.

You can also use this BRINCH Laptop Backpack frontier personal item backpack that will perfectly fit under the seat and at the same time will take all your belongings.

Is a Personal Item Free On Frontier?

Yep, Your personal item is included in your ticket.

No matter what type of bah you bring, as long as it follows the airline policy, you won’t be charged.

You can also bring these items free of charge and they don’t count within your both your carry on or personal item:

  • A coat
  • diaper bags when traveling with an infant
  • Canes, crutches
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Respiratory devices or any other assistive devices, and foot rugs for use during prayer are all free to carry on in addition to your one personal item.

Is a Backpack Considered a Personal Item On Frontier Airlines?

You can take a backpack if the backpack fits under the seat.

Here is an answer from FlyFrontier customer service.

GIDEON Asked if he can take his Wenger SwissGear backpack on Frontier as a personal item.

This backpack size is about 6 x 11 x 16.5 inches and it is just under the allowed size with a few inches, so it will fit perfectly under the airplane seat.

How strict is frontier with personal item-02
frontier personal item backpack / Twitter

They recommend not filling the backpack to the brim as it won’t fit under the seat.

Don’t Bring This Items On Your Personal Item

Don’t bring any replica weapons (or anything that could be used as a weapon or to inflict bodily harm), explosives, or incendiaries.  

Review a list provided by the TSA of permitted and prohibited items which may be included in carry-on baggage including the 3-1-1 Liquids Rule.

liquids must be placed in a transparent, quart-sized bag.

What Is Frontier Carry-On Policy?

If your personal item doesn’t fit your needs and is too small, Frontier allows a carry-on bag with 24″H x 16″W x 10″D (including handles, wheels, and straps) and no heavier than 35 pounds with extra charges.

Frontier main carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin. Carry-on bag prices vary based on when you purchase and are non-refundable.

FRONTIER Miles Elite members and passengers who purchased THE WORKS℠ always receive a free carry-on bag in addition to their personal item.

Frontier Airlines

Final Thoughts

Even though Frontier is strict with its personal items size, sometimes you can still get away with a backpack or a small bag that is above their mentioned dimensions.

Ensure that you hunt a bag that fits within the airline size and still can take all your items like Kaylee did.

With that said, we hope this answers all your questions about “How strict is frontier personal item size”, and Wishing you a safe and a joyful journey ahead.

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