Is Pegasus Airlines strict with baggage?

So Is Pegasus Airlines strict with its baggage allowance?

Understanding Pegasus Airlines’ baggage allowance and policies is crucial for a stress free travel experience.

In this post we will also answer all related questions about pegasus baggage policies and rules to avoid any last minute surprises at the airport.

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Let’s dive right in,

The following guide will cover the following:

  • Pegasus Airlines Carry on Baggage
  • Pegasus Airlines Checked Baggage
  • Pegasus Airlines Excess Baggage
  • Pegasus Airlines Overweight Baggage
  • Pegasus Airlines Oversize Baggage
  • Pegasus Airlines Sport Equipments
  • Pegasus Airlines Pets Policy
Is Pegasus Airlines strict with baggage
Is Pegasus Airlines strict with baggage

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Are pegasus airlines strict with carry baggage

Pegasus Airlines Carry on / Hand Baggage depends on your booking ticket and fair you have:

  • Super Eco package Guests can carry an 8kg, 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm hand luggage along with a small handbag.
  • Business Flex Guests can have a 12 kg, 55cm x 40 cm x 20cm hand luggage.
  • Exceeding baggage allowance results in excess luggage fees (0-20 kg) per baggage.
  • Extra baggage exceeding 20 kg, excess baggage fee is charged for each kilogram.
  • Guests on international flights will have an extra 50 € per excess luggage in case of exceeding the weight, size and quantity allowances.


Please note that is is important to know what is permitted and prohibited or restricted in cabin baggage.

make sure to check baggage regulations to know what can or can not be carried in the cabin baggage while booking a flight.

To get more information on the list of items that are not permitted on Pegasus flights , please visit the airline website.

Is Pegasus Airlines strict with carry on baggage?

Pegasus Airlines are lenient with its Carry on baggage, however on busy flights the airline will be strict about its carry on weight and size.

In case your baggage exceeds the indicated carry on weight and size or piece, for Flight outside of Turkey , each piece exceeding prescribed limits will be loaded in the cargo compartment, subject to an additional charge of EUR 70 per piece, regardless of the Passenger’s Checked Baggage allowance under the Ticket.

Are Pegasus Strict With Checked Baggage

Pegasus Airlines Checked baggage allowance (umber of pieces, weight and dimensions) depends on the Package and ticket you have booked, the nof their baggage.

Basic Package Guests do not have any Checked Baggage allowance.

If you want to travel with more baggage, you can separately pay for Extra Baggage Allowance only for Checked Baggage. 

RoutesBasic PackageEssentials PackageAdvantage PackageBusiness Flex Package
Domestic Flights15 kg20 kg15 kg
International Flights (including North Cyprus)0 kg20 kg20 kg20 kg

pegasus airlines infant baggage allowance under 2 years of age have a is 10kg, and cannot pay for additional baggage.

Is Pegasus Airlines strict with Checked baggage?

Piece and weight restrictions apply to the Checked Baggage allowance for all Guests on Pegasus Flights.

Please make sure that your read carefully the airlines checked baggage allowance policy, if your baggage exceeds the airline allowance, you will need to pay an excess baggage fee.

Is Pegasus Airlines strict with baggage
Is Pegasus Airlines strict with baggage (image)

Excess Baggage/Overweight/ Oversize Baggage

if you want to take more or your baggage exceed the indicated baggage policy above; excess baggage fee will apply.

pre-paying for excess baggage outside of the airport is cheaper. guests flying domestically within Turkey pay 4 TL (Turkish lira)/kg over for one flight, and 8 TL/kg over for connecting domestic flights if the excess baggage is purchased in advance.

Guests flying domestically who pay baggage overage fees at the airport pay 8 TL/kg for one flight, and 30 TL/kg for bags under 20 kg and 12 TL/kg for bags over 20 kg for connecting domestic flights.

charges for international flights and flights to Cyprus depends on when the excess baggage is purchased and the your destination.

Sport Equipments

When travelling with your sporting equipment; the fee for transporting will apply whether the flight is domestic or international. The fees are listed below:

  • For domestic flights:
  • Golf set: 15 TRY
  • Sailboard: 45 TRY
  • Diving equipment: 30 TRY
  • Skis: 10 TRY
  • Bicycle: 45 TRY
  • Other special equipment: 45 TRY
  • For international flights:
  • Golf set: 20 USD
  • Sailboard: 45 USD
  • Diving equipment: 15 USD
  • Skis: 10 USD
  • Bicycle: 45 USD

Travelling with Pets

When travelling with pets, is a Special Service that is subject to extra charge.

Pegasus only allows you to travel with cats, dogs and birds on domestic Flights and cats and dogs on international Flights. Wild, predatory and fighter dogs and birds are not allowed on Pegasus Flights.

Kangal dogs are only admitted to Pegasus Flights until they are six months old. Furthermore, American Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, American Bulldog, Caucasian, Chow, Doberman, Dogo Argentinos, Fila Brazileiro, Japanese Tosa, Mastiff, Mastino Napoletano, Pit Bull Terrier, Presa Canario and Rottweiler breeds are not admitted to Pegasus Flights.

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