What Is Solomon Airlines Baggage Allowance?

So what are Solomon Airlines baggage allowance end regulations?

Before heading to the airport it is a good idea to know the luggage rules for the national airline of Solomon Islands and if they enforce their rules so you don’t face any last minute charges at the airport.

In this post we will look at the Solomon Airlines luggage rules and policies, and find out if they are strict about their luggage or not.

Let’s dive right in.

Solomon airlines baggage allowance
Solomon airlines baggage allowance (source / Instagram)

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Carry on Baggage

Please note that All your cabin baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in an overhead locker, including musical instruments.

Solomon airlines Cabin baggage/carry on baggage allowance is as follows:

 RoutesBaggage allowanceSize
Domestic Flights7kg 105cm = 48(w)+34(h)+23cm(d)
International Economy7kg105cm = 48(w)+34(h)+23cm(d)
International Business10kg115cm = 56(w)+36(h)+23cm(d)

If you are travelling with your infant, you are allowed to carry an extra 7kg cabin baggage free of charge for essential baby products, such as baby milk, food, wipes etc.  

In addition to your carry on baggage, you are allowed to carry the following items:

  • Laptops in a thin case. 
  • A handbag, pocket book or purse, which is appropriate to normal travelling dress and is not being used as a container for the transportation of articles which would otherwise be regarded as baggage. 
  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket. 
  • An umbrella (excluding umbrellas with metal points) or walking stick. 
  • A small camera and/or a pair of binoculars. 
  • A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight. 
  • Infant food for consumption in flight. 
  • A pair of crutches and/or prosthetic device for the passenger’s use provided that the passenger is dependent upon them.

If the total of your carry on baggage exceeds Solomon airlines carry on baggage allowance, some or all items must be checked-in as hold baggage and included in the free checked baggage allowance.  

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Checked Baggage

Solomon airlines Checked baggage allowance is as follows:

 RoutesAllowanceBelama Club MembersBelama Plus
International Economy30 kg40 kg50 kg
International Business40 kg50 kg60 kg
Domestic Economy16 kg16 kg16 kg

If you are travelling with an infant you are allowed to carry the following items for free in addition to their checked allowance: portable cots, prams/strollers and car seats/baby capsules.

Children are allowed the same checked baggage allowances as adults. If a child has a car seat as checked baggage or a booster seat, it will be included in their baggage allowance for additional charges. 

Excess Baggage

If you want to have big baggage or want to travel with more, the following excess baggage fees will apply:

International Routes

RoutesCharge per kiloRouteCharge per kilo
Brisbane to HoniaraAUD 16.00Honiara to BrisbaneSBD 70.00
Brisbane to Munda (direct)AUD 16.00Honiara to Port VilaSBD 35.00
Brisbane to TarawaAUD 19.00Honiara to NadiSBD45.00
Nadi to HoniaraFJD 15.00Honiara to TarawaSBD 40.00
Port Vila to HoniaraVUV 500.00  
Tarawa to HoniaraAUD 10.00  
Tarawa to BrisbaneAUD 16.00  

Domestic Routes

RoutesCharge per kiloRouteCharge per kilo
Honiara to AfutaraSBD 15.00Honaira to MarauSBD 14.00
Honiara to AronaSBD 20.00Honiara to ManaobaSBD 17.00
Honiara to AtoifiSBD 15.00Honiara to MonoSBD 33.00
Honiara to AukiSBD 14.00Honiara to MundaSBD 24.00
Honiara to BallalaeSBD 33.00Honiara to ParasiSBD 17.00
Honiara to BellonaSBD 20.00Honiara to RamataSBD 23.00
Honiara to Choiseul BaySBD 32.00Honiara to RennellSBD 20.00
Honiara to FeraSBD 17.00Honiara to Santa AnaSBD 23.00
Honiara to GizoSBD 27.00Honiara to Santa CruzSBD 38.00
Honiara to KagauSBD 26.00Honiara to SegheSBD 21.00
Honiara to KiraKiraSBD 20.00Honiara to SuavanaoSBD 21.00
Honiara to LomlomSBD 41.00  
Munda to HoniaraSBD 24.00Munda to SegheSBD 14.00
Munda to GizoSBD 12.00Munda to SuavanaoSBD 18.00

Please note that these excess charges can be subject to change anytime, for the last updates on Solomon Airlines excess baggage fees visit the airline website.


Disclosure: Some information off ( Solomon airlines baggage allowance ) is pulled from The airline website as a resource. Airline websites are the authority and can change at any time. For the latest information please visit the Airline website.