How Strict Is Flair Air With Baggage? 2024

Flair is a Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier that operates flights within Canada and to select destinations in the United States. But just how strict is Flair with baggage?

In this post we’ll take a closer look at Flair’s baggage policy, including baggage allowances, fees, restrictions, and enforcement, to help you prepare for your next flight.

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Cabin Baggage

Do flair airlines charge for carry on?

Flair Air Allows its guests to carry on board one carry on bag for free with the following weight and size :

Carry on baggage dimensions: 22 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm (9 in x 15.5 in x 21.5 in)
Carry on baggage weight 23. 10 kg (22 lb)

if you wish to purchase a carry on, it guarantees your space in the overhead bin. Examples of carry on bags can include small roller suitcases and small duffel bags.

LuggageWhen website booking
When airport check in
When boarding gate
personal item


carry-on bag

Personal bag

Flair Air allows its Guests to Carry one personal item free of charge in addition to your carry on baggage.

Which must be stored in the seat in front of you and it can be one of the following items:

  • purses
  • small backpacks
  • laptop bags
  • briefcases
  • tote bags

Personal item carry on size: 16 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm (6 in x 13 in x 17 in) 7 kg (15.5 lb)

How strict is Flair Air with cabin baggage Allowance?

Be sure to measure your personal item before arriving at the airport. Bags above the specified measurements and weight are considered a carry-on bag and will be subject to a fee.

Please note, agents at the check in counter will require you to use the sizers at the airport to determine if your personal item fits within these restrictions. If it does not fit, you may be subject to a fee.

Pet In Cabin

Flair Airlines allows you to travel with your little cat or dog but it should be secured in a suitable soft sided, airline approved, leak-proof, and ventilated pet carrier that can be housed in the cabin.

The pet carrier size must be within the following dimensions and weight:

  • 41 cm long by 23 cm high, and 25 cm wide (16 inches long by 9 inches high, and 10 inches wide),
  • The max weight of the animal must be 22 pounds (including the soft carrier).
  • When booking online: i$100
  • at the airport check in : $100
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flair air baggage allowance / courtesy of Flair Air Facebook

Flair Air Checked Baggage, Extra Baggage And Excess Baggage Allowance

That’s right – it’s cheaper to check your bag then carry it on! This is because carry-on’s slow down the boarding process and congest the aircraft.

158 cm (62 in) in total linear dimensions 23 kg (50 lb)

baggage cost When Website Booking baggage cost at Airport Check in baggage cost at Boarding GateChecked baggage Size and weight
First Checked bag $30


158 cm (62 in) in total linear dimensions 23 kg (50 lb)
second Checked bag $40


158 cm (62 in) in total linear dimensions 23 kg (50 lb)

Additional checked bag $70


Bags over 23kg (50lbs) are subject to overweight fees over and above the base bag fee.
Overweight surcharge A: 158 cm (62 in) in
total linear dimensions 23-32 kg (50-71 lb).
Overweight baggage$75 Bags over 32kg (71lbs) are subject to overweight
surcharge B: 158 cm (62 in) in total linear dimensions 32-45 kg (72-99 lb)
oversized bags


Checked bags above 158cm (62in) in total linear dimensions are subject to an oversized fee above the base bag fee.
158-292 cm (63-115 in) in total linear dimensions
Please note, if a checked bag is oversized AND over weight, then only the overweight fee applies.

Restricted And Prohibited Items

The following items are unacceptable as baggage and will not be transported:

Itemscarry-on baggageChecked baggage
smoking materials yes no
camping equipment (flammable liquids, canisters, fuel cylinder and stoves)nono
hunting equipmentnoyes
bear bangersnono
battery-powered wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility aidsnoyes
curling iron (gas-operated)yesyes
insect repellentyesyes
paint (all types)nono
small lithium battery-powered vehiclesnono
lithium-ion batteries for collapsible aidsyesno


Flair is just like any other airline.

No matter what Airline you are flying it is better to stay within their luggage limits.

You don’t want to be caught with an oversized bag, or paying more than the cost of the flight.

So ensure that you review the luggage rules, to avoid any unexpected rules at the airport.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels.

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