Is Air Europa Strict With Baggage?2023

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If you’re planning to fly with Air Europa, you may be wondering how strict the airline is with baggage.

In this article, we will answers all your questions about Air Europa’s baggage policies and rules.

We’ll also talk about whether Air Europa is strict about following its baggage rules, and we’ll give you some tips to help you make sure you don’t have any issues when you’re traveling with Air Europa.

Lets’s dive right in.

How Strict Is Air Europa With Carry On Weight And Size Allowance?


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All Air Europa Guests are allowed to carry one carry on bag board the aircraft with the following weight and size:

  • 55 cm. x 35 cm. x 25 cm (the sum of the three dimensions must not exceed 115cm)
  • The handles, pockets and wheels are included in these dimensions.

Ina addition of the carry on bag each guest may carry one item that can be one of the following:

  • A handbag,
  • a laptop,
  • a Tablet.

please note that The additional item must fit under the seat in front of you


What Liquid Is Allowed In Hand Luggage?

  • Liquids are bit strict If you want to carry them with Air Europa within your cabin baggage like (drinks, cologne, creams, gels, etc.) only containers with a maximum content of 100 mililitres are allowed.
  • Guests must place these containers in a self-sealing transparent plastic bag (20 cm x 20 cm approximately) which is separate and available for security inspections

What Is Air Europa Infants Baggage Allowance?

Children under 2 years old on the date of the flight must travel in the same seat as the adult accompanying them.
Infants (from 0 to 2 years) are entitled to 1 piece of 10Kg in the hold and one of the following items:

  •  A folding pushchair.
  •  A carrying basket.
  •  A child seat.

These items may be stored under the seat or in the luggage compartment, providing they respect the maximum measurements allowed in the cabin. Otherwise, this baggage must be carried in the aircraft hold.

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What Is Air Europa Checked Baggage Allowance?

All Air Europa Guests are allowed to check in a maximum weight of 23 kg and a standard dimensions of 158 cm (sum of the length, width and depth)

Domestic Flights/National (Spain)

ClassChecked baggageonline airport
Economy fare 1*23kg30 USD60 USD
Light Fare (residents)Not included15 USD30 USD
Light Fare ( not residents) Not included 30 USD60 USD
Business (general)2*23kg30 USD60 USD

Long Haul baggage allowance

ClassChecked baggageonline airport
General 1 x 23 kg 100 USD 120 USD
Flights operated
by ATR aircraft
1 x 23 kg 100
1 extra piece USD
1 extra piece USD
Lite fare Not included 100 USD 120 USD
Lite fare Flights operated
by ATR aircraft
Not included 100
1 extra piece USD
1 extra piece USD
Business 2 x 32 kg100 USD 120 USD

What Is Air Europa Overweight Baggage Allowance?

Domestic Flights/National (Spain)

Class Cost of
(23kg to 32kg)
Economy fare 60 USD
Light Fare (residents)30 USD
Light Fare ( not residents) 60 USD
Business (general)60 USD

Long Haul baggage allowance

Class Cost of overweight (23kg to 32kg)
General100 USD
Flights operated
by ATR aircraft
100 USD
Lite fare 100 USD
Lite fare Flights operated
by ATR aircraft
100 USD
Business 100 USD

What Items I’m Not Allowed To Carry With Air Europa?

For your safety and safety of all Air europa Guests the following are restricted by Air Europa baggage allowance, please make sure you don’t include any of these items neither in your carry on or checked baggage:

  • Sharp and Pointed Instruments
  • Explosives and Flammable Substances
  • Blunt Instruments
  • Firearms
  • Liquids
  • Chemical and Toxic Substances
  • Explosives and Flammable Substances and Electronic Cigarettes
  • Chemical and Toxic Substances
  • Batteries and Lithium batteries

Learn more about what to take in a checked bag in this post.


Generally from what I know Air Europa tends to enforce its baggage policy quite strictly. This means that if you exceed their baggage limits, you may be charged extra fees.

So there is a good chance that they will check the size and weight of your bag at the check in counter to ensure that the bag does not exceed the limits.

So ensure that you take a suitcase that is fully compliant with the airline rules to avoid any last minute surprises at the airport.

We hope this helps

Happy travels

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