What Is Thomas Cook Airlines Baggage Allowance?

So what is Thomas Cook Airlines baggage allowance?

It is a good idea to know your airline baggage rules and policies before you book your flight.

And if you are traveling with Thomas Cook Airlines it is important to know and follow their luggage allowance and regulations.

Keep reading to know more about Thomas Cook Airlines Luggage allowance.

Let’s dive right in.

(Important: Please note that Thomas Cook Airlines ceased its operations and all flights have been canceled and will not be rescheduled.)

Find out everything you need to know about taking baggage with you on flights with Thomas Cook Airlines

What’s baggage allowance Thomas Cook?

The standard baggage allowance weight for Thomas Cook Airlines is 15 kgs, 20kgs on long haul flights and 23 kgs to the USA.

Thomas cook General allowances

Source: thomascook.com

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If you book a flexible package trip with Thomas cook airlines the baggage allowance weight may vary from 0 kg to 25 kg per person and it will be displayed in your documents.

If you are traveling in a group, you can combine your baggage allowances by considering the sizes of your bags to not exceed over 30 kgs in weight.

But for USA travelers, Canada or Puerto Rico they can’t combine their luggage but they can still carry a bag over 32 kg. 

Thomas cook free baggage allowance specified above applied per person and the dimensions of each bag must be not over 158cm (length + width height).

In addition, if you carry baggage that exceeds these dimensions; additional excess baggage charges will be added and the additional baggage can be checked with other checked baggage.

How much is extra baggage allowance with Thomas Cook?

If you want to carry with you more than the allowed standard baggage, you may need to purchase the check-in baggage and it is preferred to pay online to avoid higher charges that you would pay in the airport.

Thomas Cook Excess Baggage:

 Zone 1 CostZone 2 CostZone 3 & 4 Cost
5Kg£15 per 5kg / flight£18 per 5kg / flight£25 per 5kg / flight
10Kg£25 per 5kg / flight£30 per 5kg / flight£45 per 5kg / flight
  • Zone 1: Balearics, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal Mainland
  • Zone 2:Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Eqypt, Gambia
  • Zone 3: East Africa, United Arab Emirates, Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America
  • Zone 4: Southern Africa, Indian Ocean
  • Zone 5: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico

Please note that USA flights extra baggage in kg can not be added but an extra 23 kg piece can be purchased for  £50.
The price is only valid if the booking is made more than 30 days before your flight.

What is allowed in hand luggage Thomas Cook?

All Thomas Cook airlines customers can bring a bag up to (55 cm * 40 cm * 20 cm) in size; Which is complementary of 8 kg for standard travelers and 10 kg for premium class customers.

Additional hand baggage

  • For standard travelers, adults and children between 2 and 12 years allowed to bring one piece of hand baggage above   8kg free of charge.
  • You can take a trunki as hand luggage on Thomas cook as as this is associated with your child  travelling, and must not exceed 8kg in weight, if the tunki exceeds the limits then it must be checked as in the  hold weight limits and excess baggage charges may apply.
  • In premium class one piece of carry-on baggage weighing up to 10 kg is free.
  • The dimensions of your carry-on baggage may not exceed (H) 55 cm x (W) 40 cm x (D) 20 cm.

In addition to the above you can carry an extra piece of hand luggage  from the list below and it must not exceed (40 (H) x 30 (W) x 10 (D)). These items are included within the hand luggage weight limit and must placed under the seat (except exit or front the rows).

Does infant get baggage allowance?

Infants traveling with Thomas cook airlines- obviously accompanied by their parents- do not have hand luggage allowance, but they are allowed 10 kg of check in baggage allowance, however; parents can carry with them their infant milk or baby food and that can be considered as hand luggage of 8 kg.

Please note that your food baby needs to be separated from security check purposes from your hand luggage and must be in a clear infant bottle and it may be tasted.

Medical supplies will require a certificate and you need to carry with you enough for your trip until you get to your destination, plus one-day needs.

Any other required medical supplies must be packed suitably and places with your checked baggage.

Gate baggage

Some UK airports will apply a charge for extra Gate bags; if the travelers arrive at the Gate with extra hand baggage (excluding the items included above and the shopping items in the airports) will be taken and included as hold baggage and there is a fee of   £65 per bag.

Please be sure to put your valuable items in your main hand baggage such as jewelry, cameras, tablets etc….

Wedding bag 

Thomas Cook wants brides and grooms their first special day to go smoothly and easy; so your baggage must respect all required sizes and be packed suitably.

If you purchased a Thomas Cook wedding package and flying with Thomas Cook Airlines any extra, required baggage will be considered as hand luggage.

The required weight for couples is 13 kg and that applied for newly married only. The luggage must be divided into two bags one as 8 kg and the other as 5 kg, all hand baggage needs to be within the size restrictions of (H) 55cm x (W) 40cm x (D) 20cm.

Thomas Cook Sport Equipment

Carrying Thomas cook allows carrying sports equipment with you, but it is preferable to arrange a carriage before your flight to take advantage of low prices and guarantee space in the flight.

To add your sport equipment to your booking you can go manage my booking , the charges will apply for all sport equipment.

Thomas Cook Baggage Restrictions


Thomas Cook wants his loyal customers to get out most of their trips so they offer a list and a handy guide of the restricted items they do not carry with you during your flight.


You are able to carry liquids onboard with Thomas cook like gels, pastes of 100 mls but it must be in transparent containers, and easy to reach so they can be x-rayed separately.

Plastic bags must not exceed one liter capacity for each passenger.

  • List of liquids
  • Water and other drinks, soups, syrups
  • Creams, lotions and oils
  • Perfumes
  • Lipsticks
  • Spray and gels
  • Contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants
  • Pastes, including toothpaste
  • Liquid-solid mixtures
  • Mascara
  • Any other item of a similar consistency

If you are not sure about your liquids sizes and, gels and pastes restrictions, it is preferable to check them with your hold baggage.

You can purchase liquids like drinks and perfumes in the airport shop after going through security or onboard.

Please remember do not open you purchased item if they are in a special sealed bag before they are screened in the security otherwise the items will be confiscated in the security checkpoint.

Dangerous Objects:

Sharp and blunt items such as a razor, scissors, knives etc… which can be used for serious injury not permitted in Thomas Cook hand and cabin baggage.

Flammable, corrosive and Explosive Substances

Flammable, explosive and toxic substances prohibited in any Thomas flights (acids, bleaches, peroxide, phosphorous etc….).

large electrical items and laptops

 Large items such as laptops, tablets or any other large electrical items must be removed from hand luggage and screened separately through security control.

Medicine and baby food

Baby requirements such as medicines and food are allowed in hand luggage for use during the flight; liquids: water etc…Must be in a baby bottle and these items have to be separated because they need to be screened separately.

You may need a prescription for medicine containers over 100 ml to provide in the security check.

Thomas Cook items not permitted in baggage

 Dangerous articles Overview:

Gas Cylinders

Flammable and poisonous gases such as butane,oxygen,propane, and aqualung cylinders. Includes butane gas(e.g for use with heated hair appliances) camping gas, and chefs blow torches. This Not include Diving cylinders.

Flammable Liquids And Solids

Such as lighter or heater fuels, paint and matches(except one box of matches or one cigarette lighter as provided below),cigarette lighter are not permitted on any flight to USA.


Such as insecticides, weed killers, arsenic, and cyanide.

Poisons Radioactive Material, Oxidizing Materials And Organic Peroxide

Such as bleaches and fiber glass repair kits.

Firearms And Explosives

Guns, automatic weapons, munitions including blank cartridges, pistol caps, fireworks, flares, smoke canisters and crackers. Except sporting guns and ammunition  up to a maximum of 5 kg may be carried in hold baggage.

The items above will be subject to inspection at check in: documentation and licenses will be needed,  pre-booking is required for these items or please contact Thomas Cook team for more details.

Hypodermic Needles

Unless supported by medical evidence.


Such as mercury, acids, alkalis, and wet-cell batteries.

Electronic / Water Vapour Cigarettes

 For safety reasons smoking on all Thomas Cook Airline flights is strictly prohibited. These also include electronic/water vapor cigarettes. However we do allow the carriage of electronic/water vapor cigarettes only as carry-on baggage or on one’s person for use once off the aircraft or in destination where this permits.

Electronic/water vapor cigarettes are not allowed within checked baggage as it may cause a fire hazard, therefore we decided not to permit electronic/water vapor cigarettes packed in the checked baggage. This decision was made for your safety.

Thomas Cook Lost Baggage

source: pixabay.com

It may happen one day your baggage not waiting for you in the arrival (which what we do not wish for you), but Thomas cook team will do its effort to get it back to you as soon as possible.

What to do if you lost  baggage  with Thomas cook

As soon as you notice that your baggage is lost, you may need to quickly notify one of the handling baggage agents in the baggage hall before you leave the terminal building. When you fill the statement both in the UK and overseas, the member of staff will complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and you will be given a letter to advise you of the next steps. 

You can track your baggage claim status online at WorldTracer.

  • You will also need

Please do not forget to contact your travel company (if separately insured), if the loss exceeds £250 or your luggage contains money, jewelry or valuable items such as cameras and video equipment. You may also need to contact another insurer  who might cover for your valuables such as householder”all risk policies” protection and credit card protection, and be sure to keep all your tickets, baggage tags and receipts to support your claim.

if you are traveling with other airlines please make sure to contact them for more information”.

If you lost Your baggage details have been entered into the worldwide computerized baggage tracing system.You may check the status of your delayed bag on worldtracer.

thomas cook damaged baggage claim

If you received your baggage from Thomas damaged  you may need to act and claim your damage to the agents baggage in the baggage hall or submitting a claim to your travel insurance, or through Thomas cook baggage claims.

If you choose to notify Thomas cook baggage claims department, you may need to contact them immediately, and less than 7 days from the date of your flight. Any retard may be refused.

It’s important that you’re aware that there are mandatory applicable aviation laws which set out what our liability to you is in the event that your baggage is lost or damaged.  This liability is set out in the Montreal Convention and refers to something called “special drawing rights” or “SDRs”.  SDRs are a form of international money, which are converted into local currency on a daily basis. 

Our liability for baggage claims is limited to 1,131 SDRs  in accordance with the Montreal Convention.  Based on current exchange rates, this is approximately £1,200.00, although you should note that this is subject to daily change dependent on the exchange rate at the time of calculation.  

If the value of your baggage exceeds the liability limit we strongly recommend that you ensure you have adequate insurance in place before traveling.

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