Can You Bring A Flashlight On a Plane?

So can you bring a flashlight on a plane? and what kind of slashlights are allowed on planes?

Here is a quick answer: According to the TSA flashlights are allowed in both carry on and checked baggage,However; flashlights with 7 inches or longer are not allowed in carry on bags, they must go in checked baggage.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with flashlights on planes and how to pack them for your next flight.

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Can you take a flashlight in carry-on baggage?

You can bring a flashlight that is 7 inches long or less in your carry on baggage on most airlines, if you are traveling with a flashlight that can be used as a weapon or has a weapon shape should go in your checked baggage.

Can I bring a tactical flashlight on a plane? Flashlights that are designated for self defense or can be used along with a weapon like tactical flashlights, military flashlights, are not allowed in carry on baggage.

Generally if you are not traveling carry on only, it is preferable to transport your flashlight inside your checked baggage to avoid any inconvenience at the airport and speed up your boarding process.

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Can you take a flashlight in checked baggage?

Standard and tactical flashlights are allowed in checked baggage, without any restrictions.

Flashlights with batteries on planes ,chargers, spare or removal lithium batteries should be removed and placed inside your carry on bag.

Rechargeable flashlights in checked luggage are allowed with non-removable lithium batteries so you are good to take more than one without any limitations.

Is a tactical flashlight TSA approved?

The TSA Transportation Security Administration allows small personal flashlights in both carry on and checked baggage on most flights; tactical flashlights are permitted only in checked baggage.

However the TSA didn’t mention on its website that flashlights must be less than 7 inches in order to be permitted in carry-on baggage.

The TSA didn’t answer all types of questions If flashlights are allowed in flights, so I checked twitter and found some serious responses.

Abraham Asked the TSA if he can bring his flashlight with 18650 battery in carry on baggage.

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The TSA replied that flashlights that are not for normal use are not permitted in carry-on baggage (which can be used as a weapon or designed with a weapon shape), they must go in checked baggage.

As you can see in the response below, when Mike asked the TSA if he could bring his small pocket sized flashlight in carry-on baggage.

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What is considered a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight used by law enforcement along with the weapon to help them better identify their target in the dark areas or low light surfaces, they usually use the tactical flashlight along with their weapons with no lights.

So basically it is a part of the weapon, that’s why most airlines do not allow them inside the cabin baggage.

Can you bring a headlamp on a plane?

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Headlamps like this Vont LED Headlamp are small and measure no more than 7 inches so you can bring it on a plane in both carry on and checked baggage on most airlines.

Some of these headlamps came in small boxes that can easily be placed inside your backpack or you can pack it inside your checked bag.

Rechargeable headlamps with non-removable lithium batteries are fine to pack in your checked luggage, but any removable lithium batteries should be placed in your carry-on luggage

What is the Best Traveling Flashlight?

If you are planning for your next adventure, a travel flashlight can be handy and it never hurts, however you should consider some of the key features when you are looking for your flashlight.

Lightweight, small and easy to carry are the most important features to put in mind when looking for a flashlight, and obviously should put out a lot of light.

I like flashlights that are compact enough to fit in my pocket, or backpack so if I need it I can take it out easily without emptying out all my items.

Here are our top picks, check them out if you are planning to acquire a new flashlight.

  • Everyday led Tactical Flashlight: small enough to carry easily on your adventure or for everyday use, and sturdy to last long.
  • GearLight led Flashlight : another good one, is this GearLight Flashlight that is built for rough handling. It works also for everyday use, camping adventures and almost any outdoor activity.

Depending on how you are traveling and where you are heading you may consider standard Handheld  flashlights, they are Good for home,outdoor camping, and they are easy to carry inside your checked baggage.

Conclusion: can you bring a flashlight on a plane?

Many passengers tend to believe that items like flashlights are good to carry and don’t have any restrictions, because there is nothing wrong with them.

But just because there is only a normal battery and a small led it shouldn’t be on board if the flashlight is more than 7 inches because it can be used as a flashlight baton, and that can be a chance for some bad guys out there.

We hope this helps

Safe and happy travels!

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