Can You Take Roller Skates On a Plane? 2024

So can you take roller skates and rollerblades on a plane? 🛼

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According to the TSA, you are allowed to take roller skate, rollerblades and ice skates on planes and through the security checkpoint without any restrictions, however it is better to take roller skates and rollerblades in checked baggage.

Keep reading for more detailed information about traveling with roller skates in both carry-on and checked baggage, and how to properly pack them for a hassle free flight.

Let’s find out more.

Taking roller skates through the security checkpoint

The TSA Transportation Security Administration regulates the rules in the US airport, so you will need to adhere to its rules concerning transporting items. If you are traveling with objects that are not allowed by the TSA you will be required to remove your items and place them inside your checked baggage.

According to the TSA you are allowed to roller skate all kinds of skates Including ice skates and roller blades through the security checkpoint, inside your carry-on or checked baggage without any restriction.

Small tools will not be allowed in your carry on, as they are considered sharp items, you will either put them inside your checked bag, or leave them at home.

As always the final word rests with the TSA agent at the security checkpoint, it may happen if you travel with a small tool that the officer lets you board with it if you take it nicely with him, however I don’t recommend that, there is more chance he will remove your item.

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Tray wanted to bring roller skates in carry-on baggage, and the TSA confirmed that roller skates are OK to take.

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Can you take skates as a carry-on?

However the TSA does not restrict roller skates on carry on but you will still need to take into consideration airlines rules on sport equipment.

For example United airlines allows roller skates in carry on baggage, but only non-powered roller skates, roller blades and skateboards are permitted in carry on and checked baggage.

Frontier airlines allows roller skates in carry on and checked baggage and the same standard baggage rules applied, charges are based on the ticket you purchase, Overweight or oversized items the applicable fees will be charged.

Can i wear roller skates on a plane

This guy asked the TSA if he can wear his roller skates in the airport to catch his friend in the gate, and the TSA replied to check with the airport if they allow roller skates.

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This guy who actually skated in the airport, and obviously you want to get in trouble if you are wearing your roller skates and going smoothly, without going so much.

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Travel bag for roller skates

When traveling with roller skates, you can easily place your items inside your carry-on suitcase, or a backpack and you are ready for your flight.

However a roller skate travel bag will secure and gather all your equipment in one place.

A Roller skate travel bag will keep your rollers separated from your other items, protect them and even you can transport with some of your other gear, in addition they are easy to carry and to be stored under the seat on almost all airlines.

This Roller Skates Double Shoulder Backpack also are just perfect if you are traveling carry on only, what is amazing with this backpack is it is designed to store and carry roller skates, inline skates, quad skates, skates, walking boots, snow or ice walking shoes, and other heavy shoes

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How to pack your roller skates

How do you put roller skates in a bag?

A carry on bag, backpack or a roller skates travel bag would work well for you when traveling on airplanes, if you are willing to not take so many bags or items, backpack to be placed under the seat in front of you and and a suitcase to be placed in the overhead compartment will just take all your items.

Just make sure that you don’t forget something.

Tips on how to take your roller skates on a plane

  • Don’t over pack your bag, take only your necessary items, don’t ray to fit all your closet alongside with your roller skates inside your bag.
  • take off the wheels, you will save more space on your bag.
  • After taking off the wheels ,you can take your roller skates and wrap them with a piece of cloth.
  • Keep your necessary items on the top of your luggage if you are taking them along with your roller skates, that way if you need something during your trip you will easily have access to them, and you don’t need to pull out all your bags.

How do you carry roller skates on a backpack?

Klaudia explains in this video 3 methods on how to pack roller skates in a backpack, however the second one seems more comfortable and easy if you are willing to take your skates on board the airplane.

Conclusion: can you take roller skates on a plane?

You can bring roller skates on a plane and on most airlines, as long as they are within your airline allowed size and weight.

Even ice skates and roller blades are permitted. The only thing you should consider is the if it fits in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you

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