Can I Bring Dog Food and Treats On a Plane? 2024

So can I bring dog food on a plane?

Whether you are traveling for a few days or for a long trip, you want to keep your lovely creature happy and fed during your trip.

Pet lovers like to ask this question all the time ” how to travel with dog food ?”.

Fortunately traveling with dog food or pets food in general is easy like a breeze.

And here is the short answer before we proceed for more details.

Solid food is allowed through the security checkpoint and in carry-on and checked baggage without limited quantities, while canned food that are in liquid form must be in container no more than 3.4 oz 100ml. in carry-on and also with no limits in checked baggage.

When traveling with large quantities in checked baggage make sure to know your airline’s size and weight before heading to the airport.

Let’s dive more and see how you fly with dog food and see what are other regulations about traveling with your furry friend on airplanes.

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Can You Bring Dog Food Or Treats  Through The TSA Checkpoint?


According to the TSA you are permitted to bring solid or dry dog food in the security checkpoint without any restrictions, which means you can put your dog food in either carry-on and checked baggage without any problem.

Here is what the TSA shows on its website.

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The TSA agent may ask you to take out your dog food and separate items like powder or similar items in a separate bin for a clean screening and to speed up the process.

This passenger asked the TSA about taking dog food in carry-on baggage , and the TSA confirmed that solid dog food is allowed without limits in either carry-on and checked baggage, but food that is in liquid form must be in quantities no more than 3.4 oz 100 ml.

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Can You Bring Canned Dog Food In Your Carry-on?

Most canned food comes in liquid forms, but the TSA allows liquids in carry-on baggage in only 3.4 oz 100 ml containers, so i think you will need to take cans less than 3.4 oz, However for checked baggage you can take cans that are more than 3.4 oz without limits.

Alex asked the TSA if he can bring his 6 oz wet natural balance can, and obviously his can should go in checked baggage because it is more than allowed liquid quantity inside carry on baggage.

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How Do You Fly With Dog Food?

How to pack dog food when flying? When packing your dog food it is always critical to know how much food your canine will need during the trip, and if your dog’s favorite food is accessible during your adventure, in local shops, stores or you can get it online.

However solid food is allowed in the cabin baggage but, we recommend to take many full bags inside your checked baggage, in addition to the small quantities you carry in your carry-on bag.

When I take dry food on my trip, I usually stack 2 or 3 bags of 6 pounds of High Calorie, High Protein Dry Food.

Here is why you should always take your dog food inside your carry on and checked baggage.

  • If your plane is delayed, you always have some food in hand to feed your companion
  • if your checked bag is lost or delayed, you will have some food until you get back your bag or you buy other food.
  • If you are at your destination and you want to buy food, you can always have a backup for your dog if you don’t find food in stores or they run out of stock.

Can I Feed My Dog During a Flight?

If you are traveling with your dog on board under the seat in front of you, you have the chance to feed your dog.

But it is always preferable to feed your cute creature several hours before your flight, to avoid any inconvenience during your flight.

Most experts advise to not feed a pet too much right before the trip even if you did make sure to not give him big portions.

But the best idea is to consult your vet, he will recommend how much food you should give to your dog, and if you should give him treats like CBD OR OTHER supplements.

Can You Take Dog Treats On a Plane?

Dog treats are just solid as normal food, so you can take them in both carry on or checked baggage without any restrictions. You can read above to know more about traveling with solid dog food.

Dog Food Travel Containers

When traveling it is critical to take care of your lovely one, and a food travel container will just make it easy for you, here are some of our top picks to take on your next trip.

Travel bags: Make a travel bag for the pet. The bag can hold your dog first aid kit, food, water, treats, bowl, wet and dry tissues.

We have picked sets so you can take your dog food on a plane inside the bag along with all other accessories you might need.

Final Thoughts

You can bring solid or dry dog food on a plane without any restrictions and in any amount you like, food that is in liquid form must be in quantities of 3.4 oz 100 ml.

Just remember to put some extra pet food inside your checked baggage in case you are going for a long trip.

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