7+ Top Best Cheapest Luxury Bags of 2023

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So what is the cheapest luxury bag brand? and what is the most affordable luxury bags?

We all love fancy and luxury items, and of course the point of owning a luxury item is to reward yourself, feel happy and enjoy your taste.

And by the way, you don’t always need to spend a fortune to own a beautiful bag.

Sometimes less expensive bags are more fancy, meaningful and will last more than costly ones.

However, affordable luxury bag brands don’t mean they don’t have the same value as the big giants, like the new LV Pont 9 Soft MM that is soaring at a $4,100, and the cheapest LV bag is about $2.230.

We have already covered why these brands are so expensive, and we listed below some ideal alternatives to the brands that sell their bags for some seriously gigantic prices.

Below, we’ll share our top 09 affordable luxury brands and the cheapest luxury luggage brands.

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we may receive a small commission ( and with no additional cost to you) if you purchase an item from the links in this page, we really appreciate it!

Where To Find Cheap Luxury Bags?

We all know that you can get pretty much anything on Amazon, but if it comes to luxury designer bag brands you can’t find all of them out there.

Below we’ve listed the cheapest luxury bag brands and where to find them.

However the best place to find cheap designer bags is websites that sell second hand bags, you can really get a like new one with a reasonable price.

Quick Answer: The Best Cheapest Luxury Bag Brand Of 2022

Luxury Bag BrandsPrice Range
Longchamp$ 100 – $1295
Furla $ 100 – $820
Michael Kors$ 100 – $798
Marc Jacobs$150 – $550
Rebecca Minkoff$69 – $378
Fossil$100 – $330
Ted Baker$ 100 – $275
Dooney & Bourke$100 – $850

What’s The Most Affordable Designer Bag Brands?

For centuries designer handbags did much more than just holding items.

They’ve stood as symbols of wealth and luxury.

Luxury handbags are worn by all the most popular influencers of style, celebrities and craftsmanship throughout human history.

Here are our picks for the most cheapest luxury bag brands in the world:


Longchamp is a good option if your heart wants to acquire a cheap designer leather bag.

Most Longchamp bags cost around $100 and $1300. If you found one listed for less, then you have good reason to be suspicious.

This French luxury brand has been setting the standard for luxury handbags since 1948.

The Roseau Top handle bag M is the new release of Longchamp, you will absolutely be amazed by the amount of style the bag combined.

A must-have for every day, it easily holds all your essentials. With its removable strap, it can be worn in whatever style matches your mood. Combining simple and sophisticated style


the Longchamp ‘Medium Le Pliage Neo’ Nylon Top Handle Tote, if you travel a so often this bag will serve you as a travel bag and it is Lightly textured leather borders a sleek, classic tote that folds flat when not in use, making it perfect for travel.

TIP: don’t buy a designer bag you don’t like, whether its suggested by our team or a YouTube channel or other website. You can also always invest in pre-loved or pre-owned designer bags, luxury people handle their items nicely, you can get one and you will be surprised that it looks new.


 Our second cheapest luxury bag brand is Furla.

you will love Frula bags, You’ll get some of the biggest bag trends of 2022 at an affordable price.

I picked this Furla Net tote mini Nero that is made from Grained Calf Leather and with a price of $378.00.

What I like most about this handbag is that it has a similar feel to the LV Grand Palais which goes up to $3400.00.

3.Michael Kors

Michael Kors bags hold a special place in the luxury handbags industry . The brand was founded in 1981 in the United States.

Michael Kors made some really serious affordable bags that will last forever.

If you are planning to invest on one of the brand bags I recommend this Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Top Zip. It is made from quality leather and you can still have the designer brand, with the brand name attached in shiny gold capitals, without too much outlay.

Plus these are definitely the kind of investment pieces that won’t be outdated, so you can wear them for years to come.

4.Marc Jacobs


You may think that Marc Jacobs prices are not reasonable and it is in the big giant group, but you can still get some good luxury bags with just an affordable amount.

You can get this Marc Jacobs Empire City Mini Messenger Leather Crossbody Bag for just $3000.

5.Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca is the newest cheapest luxury bag brand in the market.

founded in 2005 in New York by Rebecca and her Brother Uri Minkoff.

Rebecca Luxury designs are just outstanding and with just affordable prices, you will love this Edie Maxi Crossbody, its made from genuine leather, this spacious crossbody bag gives you multiple styling options thanks to its woven chain top handle and removable leather shoulder strap.

The bag is around $378 compared with the $3400 LV bag. I will surely invest in this bag.


Fossil is another good choice when looking for a cheap luxury handbag.

If you are looking for a classic luxury handbag that will last for years and to keep within your collection, Fossil is just the right brand.

7.Ted Baker

The Founder Ray Kelvin named Ted Baker in 1988, and he’s crafting some really quality and budget friendly bags.

The Ted Baker Jjolie Crossbody is about $295, however you can find some of their bags for under $200.

8.Dooney & Bourke

Dooney& Bourke was founded in 1975 and is one of the most popular American brands, they are specialized in crafting really affordable designer bags.

If you are looking for a classic handbag give a shot to this Dooney & Bourke Zip Zip Satchel Pebble Grain Leather the bag is just ideal for everyday use and can be worn in any occasion.

9. Burberry


A British luxury bag that designs affordable bags that will fit in your luxury collection.

Burberry prices are not that expensive, but according to the statistics and the brand value, Burberry is among the leading top 10 luxury brands in the world.

the Monogram Motif Leather Wallet strikes an impressive price of between $900 and $1000 with roomy interior, comfortable wearing.

Final Thoughts: What Is The Cheapest Luxury Bag Brand?

The truth about the handbags industry is that the majority of advertising dollars go towards selling ultra-luxury products.

While there are buyers that can afford even more than $10K on a designer bag, and if you don’t fall in that category, In fact there are a variety of great handbag brands out there that don’t require breaking the bank to afford a luxury one.

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