How to Check In For Allegiant Flight 2024? Step By Step

So how do you check in for an Allegiant flight? and how early do you have to check in with Allegiant?

If you are an Allegiant ticket holder you can check in for your Allegiant flight and benefit from any eligible services, and upon checking in online, you can select your flights, select your seat and get your boarding pass.

Below you’ll find the most detailed step by step guide to check in for your Allegiant flight.

Let’s dive in more.

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When Can I Check In For My Allegiant Flight? Allegiant Check In Times.

You can always check in 24 Hours before the departure time on Allegiant air, and it is always advised to check in online rather than at the airport.

You can get your boarding pass before the departure, print it or just save it to your phone.

How Do I Check In On Allegiant App?

You can check in for Allegiant Air flights on the airline’s website or through the mobile app. The experience is very similar, though the benefit of the mobile app is that you can generate a digital boarding pass within your mobile wallet.

However, Allegiant Air does not offer Self service kiosks in the Airport.

Here is How it works:

  • If you are in the Allegiant home page head to The bottom of the website and click on Manage Travel and check in online.

You will be Transferred to Check in Page where you will be able to check in in 3 ways

  • By Confirmation
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  • By Email
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  • By credit Card or Debit Card
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  • After you Enter your all your Information
  • Pay for your Luggage and select your seat
  • Print our boarding pass
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Do I Have To Pay For My Seat When Check In On Allegiant?

Allegiant Air will Charge you for selecting your seat 24 hours before the flight departure, Charges can range from $0 to $80 for a seat.

When check-in opens in less than 24 hours selecting seats are free of charge then you can pick where to stay especially if you are traveling with a partner or family.

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Can You Add A Bag After Online Check-In Allegiant?

During the check in Online process you can add your baggage, select your seat and print your boarding pass.

According to Allegiant During advanced check in (mobile and online), you will be prompted to verify your bag reservations and seat assignments. You can easily make changes as long as alternate seats are available and as long as you haven’t already printed or downloaded your boarding pass(es).

Final Thoughts: How To Check In For Allegiant Flight?

Checking for Allegiant Air is easy and should be exciting for your next flight, but make sure to not miss your flight by Check in (whether online, mobile, or at the airport) because the check in delay closes 45 minutes prior to take off.

You should drop off your baggage at the ticket counter also 45 minutes before the take off, and no more than 2 hours before your flight departure

We hope this helps.

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