AAdvantage Eshopping : The Ultimate Guide 2024

So what is AAdvantage Eshopping and How does it work?

If you are one of the 67 million AAdvantage members, AAdvantage Eshopping is a golden opportunity. Even if you are not planning to travel right now, You can earn miles and save them just by purchasing things at your favorite stores.

Keep in mind that AAdvantage miles expire only after 18 months of no activity, AAdvantage is still the best way to earn miles by shopping aadvantage promotions and your favourite products without spending cash or using points.

Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of the AAdvantage Eshopping portal.

So you are an AA frequent Flyer or you are planning to join!!

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How To Join Aadvantage Shopping

Getting started with AAdvantage eshopping is pretty easy.

Just sign up to AAdvantage Shopping website and find products that you need and shop your favourite brand, by using the link provided by AAdvantage and earn miles.

Here is How it works.

If you’re not an AAdvantage frequent flyer member you can enroll here and enter all your information.

  1. Sign up to AAdvantage program
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2. Join AAdvantage Eshopping

Sign up in the AAdvantage Eshopping portail, you will need the AAdvantage number

AAdvantage Eshopping-004

3.Download the AAdvantage button

AAdvantage Eshopping-007

It’s easy to Download the and Activate American Airlines AAdvantage button From google chrome extensions store.

Here is what the button does:

  • Send you reminders to activate miles directly at over 950 stores. Just click “activate” and shop.
  • find great deals — the button automatically applies the best coupons to your order at checkout.
  • The button helps you find the best prices and do the comparison , notifying you if a product is available for the same price, or lower, at another store that is offering miles per dollar.

4.Shop your favourite brands

AAdvantage Eshopping-006
AAdvantage Eshopping-005

5.Activate Miles

AAdvantage Eshopping-008

Aadvantage eShopping Video / How It Works

Frequently asked questions

How do you use AA Eshopping?

As demonstrated above if you are an AAdvantage member just sign up to AAdvantage shopping Portal, and use shop offers from the link in the website, you will earn miles that you can save and benefit from.

How much does it cost to join AAdvantage?

To join AAdvantage it is FREE , if you sign up you can browse a plethora of advantages, offers and benefits especially if you are a frequent flyer.
it will help you earn miles and use them for your upcoming flights.

What is AAdvantage Eshopping button?

A button you download in Google chrome, you activate it and when you Browse offers on AAdvantage Eshopping will help you know when to get the best offers , earn miles and compare prices.

How many AAdvantage miles do I need for a flight?

You will need About 7,500 AAdvantage miles to get your flight to the 48 U.S. states & Canada (≤ 500 miles).
For a domestic flight longer than 500 miles, you’ll need 20,000-30,000 award miles.

Do AA award miles expire?

AAdvantage miles expire just after 18 months, but there are so many ways to keep your miles and prevent them from expiring.
your account’s expiration date will reset anytime you did an activity like shopping on the airline AAdvantage portal, fly, donate or rent a car or stay in a hotel.

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