09 Best Things to Bring On a Plane For Entertainment In 2023

Traveling soon and wish you could skip the journey and get to your destination already? and you are looking for some cool things to bring on a plane for entertainment?

Keep reading this list if for you.

Whether you’re an a frequent traveler or traveling for business, long-haul flights can prove challenging, uncomfortable, and, quite frankly, a bit boring.

Sure there is in-flight entertainment featuring tens of movies you can watch and hundreds of songs you can listen to. But let’s be honest, after watching the only two or three movies you’re interested in and listening to your favorite band three times in a row, time might start to feel.


Besides, unless you’re traveling business or first class, chances are your seat is pretty uncomfortable, making sleeping difficult, and some of your neighbors might also be a bit noisy, especially if they happen to be children.

However, no need to panic, you’ve got this! To help you survive the long journey to your destination.

Our Picks For Things To Bring On a Plane For Entertainment

Best Things to bring on a plane for Entertainment


best gadgets for long flights-TABLET

Sure, nowadays tablets dominate the top things that entertain us and the best gadgets that you must take on your long flights, however most airplanes feature in-flight entertainment. Yet, you might not find the movies or TV shows on display interesting.

As a result, taking a tablet with you is the best way to keep you entertained for most of the flight. With your tablet you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows and movies and browse through your favorite magazines and newspapers.

Most airplanes are fitted with USB ports these days, so you might even be able to catch up on the entire season of your favorite show if you’ve missed it! Plus, if you’re traveling for work, a tablet is one of the top business travel accessories to bring with you as some of them can double up as a laptop, seamlessly allowing you to get important work done.


Some of the best tablets for in-flight entertainment include the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite, and the Ipad Air.

2.VR Headset

best gadgets for long flights-VR Headset
Best gadgets for long flights-VR Headset

Sure wearing a VR Headset on a plane is far from mainstream, and it can even look a bit dorky for some. However, if you’re looking to be entertained on your next long-haul flight, try the Samsung Gear VR.

Powered by a Samsung Phone, it will enable you to watch pre-downloaded blockbusters, classic movies, and TV shows, or play your favorite video game with fantastic sound and video quality. Indeed, this headset pretty much simulates watching a movie on a big screen in a private theater providing an IMAX-style experience.

With a Virtual Reality headset, you’ll feel immersed and even virtually transported to a magical land while flying to your next faraway destination. If you’re an anxious flyer, you might even totally forget that you’re on a plane at 39,000 feet!

3.Smart Eye Mask

best gadgets for long flights-Smart Eye Mask

Do you find it hard to sleep with the light on when you’re flying? How about a comfortable sleep mask that completely blocks out the light of the cabin and gently wakes you up? Sleeping on a plane can be challenging for most of us (unless you’re one of these lucky people who can sleep anywhere).
The great news is, there are now some smart eye masks on the market specially designed so that you can get better sleep while onboard.


The Illumi sleep mask is one of the best items for sleeping on a plane. Indeed, not only does it efficiently block out the cabin light, but it also provides its own light to trigger your body’s natural responses for waking up. Definitely one of the best travel items for long flights!

4.E-Book Reader

best gadgets for long flights-E-Book Reader

If you love getting lost in a good book, an e-book reader should be on top of your long haul flight packing list! Indeed, some e-book readers are particularly lightweight, can store many books, and have a battery that lasts for weeks. Besides, instead of packing a big 500-page book, their small size allows you to free up some space for that extra pair of shoes you definitely need to bring with you 😉


If you’re looking for inspiration, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Oasis, and the Kobo Forma are all frequently mentioned by travel magazines as some of the best international travel must-haves.

5.Noise Canceling Headphones

best gadgets for long flights-Noise Canceling Headphones

While an airplane can get you anywhere quickly, it might unfortunately not take you to your destination quietly! Between the noise related to the aircraft and flight itself and everything else going on in the cabin, flying for hours can turn out to be a real nightmare leading to headaches or sleep deprivation! The cure, you ask? Noise canceling headphones! Indeed, this invention has turned long-haul flights into a breezy experience where you can truly immerse yourself in a movie, a game, or fully relax, undisturbed. The bonus is that these headphones will enhance the sound quality of any movie or music!


Some of the best noise canceling headphones for travel include Bose, Cowin E7, and the Sony WH1000XM3.

6.Nintendo Switch

best gadgets for long flights-Nintendo Switch

Sure there are in-flight games on almost every single long-haul flight on the planet… they’re terrible. However, if you’re a gamer and can’t fathom spending the next 15 hours without being able to play your favorite classic video game, bringing a Nintendo Switch with you could be the solution!
Not only will you not notice the time pass, but if you’re a nervous flyer, putting your headphones in and getting lost in the game will help enhance your flight experience 😉 Note that when you’re flying, you may not have access to Wifi. As a result, you should make sure to download the games you want to play beforehand. You should also make sure you can play them as a single player and without the internet.

7. A Travel Pillow

best gadgets for long flights-Travel Pillows

How amazing would it be to arrive at your destination feeling fresh and ready to start your new adventure?

While a travel pillow is not exactly a gadgets but it works for your long flights , this travel accessory has to make it on your travel essentials list. After all, sleep and comfort are key to surviving your next long-haul flight!
The great news is, these days there are travel pillows for everyone from sensitive sleepers or sleepers in need of support to window seat travelers.


Looking for ideas? Some of the most popular options on the market include the Trtl Pillow Plus and the Ostrich Pillow Light for extra support or the LilySilk Silk Neck Pillow and the Huzi Infinity Pillow for superior comfort.

8. Travel Case Gadget Bag

best travel accessories for long flights-008

This Unique travel accessory will keep your flight organized and are perfect for travelling by keeping all cables, electronic gadgets and cosmetics in the same place making them easier to find.

A great way to end up the mess in your long flight and keep all the little gadgets well organised.


UGREEN  Travel Case Gadget Bag and Sunshin Electronics Organizer Waterproof for Travel.

This Travel case gadget bags are  small enough to throw in your backpack with any of your small accessories.

9. A Wallet

best travel accessories for long flights

As a bonus this wallet is not really entertaining but This RUNBOX Slim Wallet will accommodate all your document in one place and provide peace of mind.

Also providing secure space for cards and currency.

It will have the capacity to contain one or more passports and consequently it is larger than a conventional wallet.

 A wallet had enough room for your credit cards and cash without being too bulky to fit into your front pants pocket, or personal item which is more secure.

Final Thoughts

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