How Strict Is Starlux Hand Baggage?

So how strict is Starlux with it carry on baggage?

If you are planning to travel with Starlux you will need to know what to expect at the airport.

This post will provide the all answers for your questions; and more details about Starlux Airlines luggage rules.

Lets take a look.


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How Strict Is Starlux Carry On Baggage?

Starlux Airline allowed its passengers to bring on board one cabin bag in addition of one personal item as the following:

TypeDimensionsBusiness ClassEconomy Class
Hand-carry Baggage56cm x 36cm x 23cm(22×14×9 inch)or total 115cm(45 inch). These dimensions include wheels, handles, and side pockets.2 pieces1 piece
Personal Items40cm x 30cm x 10cm(16×12×4 inch)or total 80cm(32 inch). These dimensions include wheels, handles and side pockets.1 piece1 piece
Total Weight14 kg (31lbs)
10 kg (22 lbs)/piece
7 kg

All carry-on baggage should meet the regulations of STARLUX Dangerous Goods. It is the responsibility of passengers to carry their own carry-on baggage to and from the aircraft.

For carriage in the cabin of carry-on baggage exceeding the permitted dimensions and/or weight limitations or if packing and/or storage cannot be secured, or the baggage cannot be handled by the normal process, the baggage will not be accommodated in the cabin and must proceed as checked baggage.

What are you allowed to bring as Starlux Checked Baggage?

Economy class

Guests travelling in the fares SAVING and BASIC are allowed to carry up to 30 Kg (66 Ib) of luggage weight, for the LIMITED fare Holders they are allowed a 20 Kg (44 Ib) of luggage weight. and FULL fare product holders they have a 35 Kg (77 Ib) of baggage weight allowance.

Business class

SAVING,BASIC and FULL fare holders are allowed to Checked up to 45 Kg (99 Ib) of checked baggage weight.


For Infant which are traveling with their parents and Not Entitled to a Seat (for All Classes) they are allowed to check 10 Kg (22 Ib) of baggage.

How Strict Is Starlux Airlines Checked Baggage?

  • 23kgs (50 lbs) or below per checked baggage is recommended. To avoid staff injury, bags over 32kgs (70 lbs) will not be accepted.
  • 158 cm (62 inches) of exterior dimension (length + width + height) is recommended. Individual items with total dimensions exceeding 203cm / 80in or any side of the item exceeding 148cm / 58in including handles and wheels cannot be transported as checked baggage.​
  • Please contact STARLUX Customer Service Center 24 hours ahead of departure (Holidays excluded) if you have luggage over 32 kgs (70 lbs) or over-sized items (i.e., medical equipment, mobility aids, pets, musical instruments, sporting equipment, camera equipment, or household items) for check-in. STARLUX reserves the right to refuse carriage of over-weight or over-sized items.

What is Starlux Airlines Excess Baggage Rules & fees?

You may want to travel with your lovely large suitcase, and for some reason you found it so big for Starlux checked baggage rules;However Starlux allows you to check in it with an additional excess baggage fees.

Starlux Airlines Excess baggage fees as follows:

Zone 1:Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China
Zone 2: Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia
*Shall be payable in the local currency applicable in the place where the Ticket is issued.

BetweenZone 1 / Per kgZone 2 / Per kg
Zone 1 / Each kilogramUSD 10USD 20
Zone 2 / Each kilogramUSD 20USD 40

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